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Saving for Retirement

Feb 28, 2008
Question: I'm a 30 year old who works at a public university. I think I'm eligible to deposit $15,500 at my 403b and another $15,500 at 457b. I...
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Co-signing and Insurance

Feb 27, 2008
Question: I'm divorced with 2 children who have college loans on which I cosigned. I want to make sure that if anything happens (god forbid) that I...
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Another Credit Reporting Bureau

Feb 26, 2008
Question: While I was checking my credit reports, I came across the name of a fourth credit reporting agency, Innovis. I was told they are not...

Yes, File 2007 Taxes

Feb 25, 2008
Question: My 27-year-old daughter is developmentally disabled, lives at home and works for a sheltered workshop. Her last years' earnings were ...
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Investing for Son

Feb 23, 2008
Question: I am thinking of investing my sons' money (from gifts over the years) in index funds. My sons are 12 and 14 years old. Is this a good...
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Living and Investing Abroad

Feb 21, 2008
Question: I'm an American living in Germany married to a German. I do not work, except for small English teaching jobs. My husband works in the...
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Saving for a Home

Feb 20, 2008
Question: I am 27, married with my fourth kid on the way. I'm currently a full time student and working 30hrs a week at Starbucks, and my wife is a...
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The Tax Rebate, Again

Feb 19, 2008
Question: My parents are receiving social security and do not file income tax. Do they have to file an income tax return for 2007 in order to...
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President's Day

Feb 18, 2008
I hope you enjoy the holiday. I'll resume posting questions and answers tomorrow.

The Tax rebate

Feb 15, 2008
Question: I have heard that this new rebate check that was just passed by Congress and now the White House is nothing more than an advance on our...
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