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Market Turmoil

Mar 14, 2008
Question: I have some money in 401K but it's all vanishing because of the stock market drop. Is it a good idea to ride it out,or transfer the money...
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Market Turmoil and a Retirement Portfolio

Mar 12, 2008
Question: My husband and I both put the maximum into our 401ks, which we now see dwindling (9% loss this year already). Money is tight; our...
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529 Plans

Mar 11, 2008
Question: How does a 529 plan affect a person in terms of financial aid eligibility? Samir....

A Cautious Investor

Mar 10, 2008
Question: I'm 44, working at a university. My position is not secure nor stable. I have $40,000 in CD. How do I make my money grow? I would like to...
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The Falling Dollar

Mar 7, 2008
Question: The dollar continues to hit new lows almost every day. What is the retired investor to do to protect his/her portfolio from the effects...

Too much Debt

Mar 6, 2008
Question: I'm 54, earn about $80,000/yr and plan to work for 10 more years. I have $100,000 invested with Edward Jones in growth funds and would...
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A 401(k) "Margin Call"

Mar 5, 2008
Question: My former employer has gone into receivership and I was informed that they will be terminating their 401k program. I would have rolled...

A, B, C, Shares, And So On

Mar 4, 2008
Question: I have some investment and savings questions. I'm 24 with about 12,000 in CDs and no debt. I recently went to a financial planner from...

Monitoring Financial Institutions

Mar 3, 2008
Question: In tough times like these, how do I monitor the health of my insurance company and bank? Sure the bank is FDIC insured but getting money...
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The Hike in Mortgage Loan Limits

Feb 29, 2008
Question: I understand that the stimulus package includes a provision to raise the cap on conforming loans (i.e. when loans become jumbo). When...
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