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The Whole Portfolio

Mar 28, 2008
Question: My wife and I each have retirement (401K, Roth IRA) and non-retirement (joint brokerage, ESPP, REIT) investment accounts. I also have a...
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Co-signing a Loan

Mar 27, 2008
Question: I have a very good credit rating and am considering co-signing on a loan for a family member who has a very poor credit rating. Will her...
Posted In: debt

A European Adventure

Mar 26, 2008
Question: I am to take a trip to Europe this summer with two friends of mine before our senior year of high school. I have about all the money I...

Boosting Credit Score

Mar 25, 2008
Question: I am looking for a way to boost my credit score. My fiancé and I plan on buying a house in about a year. My credit score is considered...
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Las Vegas? Hmmm

Mar 24, 2008
Question: I am lucky enough to receive some extra money from my parents for loans they took out in my name to help pay for my college education. I...
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Interest-Only Mortgages--No

Mar 21, 2008
Question: My husband and I recently attended a workshop on optimizing real estate assets. The program presented information on how to create a debt...
Posted In: Housing

Bank Stocks

Mar 20, 2008
Question: Chris, could you elaborate on your comment made on 3/14 about the undesirability of buying bank stocks. Do you mean all bank stocks? We...
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Cash is King

Mar 19, 2008
Question: I'm 35 and already maxing out my 401K and IRA options. My only debt is my mortgage. Half my paycheck automatically goes to a money market...
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Online Banking

Mar 18, 2008
Question: As much as anything is "safe" these days, is it safe to open online savings/CD accounts with such companies as "ING Direct"? Sarah,...
Posted In: banking

Flight to Safety

Mar 17, 2008
Question: My wife and I are very cautious with our money--we have only one loan (our mortgage), we pay off credit cards every month, and we have...
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