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Channeling Warren Buffett

Apr 11, 2008
Question: Mr. Buffet discusses "Fanciful Figures..." in the Berkshire Hathaway 2007 Annual Report (pp. 18-20). He asserts that the compounded...
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Equity Investment Life Insurance?

Apr 10, 2008
Question: Chris---We have recently been advised by a financial consultant to begin to invest in an Indexed Universal Life Insurance Contract, also...
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Conflicting Advice? Not

Apr 9, 2008
Question: A couple of days ago, in response to a questioner's inquiry about some ideas which had been presented to his mother at a seminar, you...

A Big Downpayment?

Apr 8, 2008
Question: I am searching for a new home (main residence) and was wondering whether I should use a huge downpayment and dent my assets or take a...
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Stock Market Risk

Apr 7, 2008
Question: I listen to your podcast every week and enjoy your show, but one thing continues to confuse me. Often someone states that investing in...
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Savings for Child

Apr 4, 2008
Question: my wife and I just had our first child. We are wondering what sort of investment/saving plan would be the best to start for him. We are...
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From CDs to Mortgage?

Apr 3, 2008
Question: I have a $240,000 fixed rate mortgage at 5.75%. My monthly PITI payment is a little under $1,900/month. And I get by OK on my retirement...
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Saving Too Much

Apr 2, 2008
Question: I would like your opinion on the retirement goals set by my investment firm. I'm 54 years old and have no debt at all. My house, car, etc...
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The Social Security Do-over

Apr 1, 2008
Question: I began receiving Social Security payments at age 62. Now I'm 66, and I've read that I can pay this money back to the government and get...
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An IRA and a Variable Annuity

Mar 31, 2008
Question: I'm 61 and will work until 65 or 66, unless my employer decides otherwise. My financial advisor is recommending that I put my IRA into a...
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