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Heloc vs. Student Loans

Jun 3, 2008
Question: Is it better to use money remaining in our HELOC, money in our savings account or to take out student loans to pay for our daughter's...
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Credit Counseling? Bankruptcy?

Jun 2, 2008
Question: My husband and I have been offering budget counseling to friends and family for about 2 years now. It is rewarding to help people find...
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Initial Public Offering

May 30, 2008
Question: I have reason to believe the company I work for is going public. If that happens I think the logical business maneuver would be to...
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Free Credit Score?

May 29, 2008
Question: Hello Chris, I thoroughly enjoy your segments, keep up the great work....

A Wedding and a Mortgage

May 28, 2008
Question: Hi Marketplace, I've got a couple good things going for me right now. I just got a new job that pays a lot more than my old one, and I'm...
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Consumer Prices

May 27, 2008
Question: i understand that fuel and food prices are not included in the government inflation figures but are included in the consumer spending...
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Getting Personal

May 23, 2008
This week, Tess Vigeland and economics editor Chris Farrell give advice to a woman selling her rental property, and another woman who's not sure if her mortgage loan is too good to be true.


May 23, 2008
Question: Chris: These days all of us receive so much unsolicited mail in our mail boxes, that it is a real headache. It is even more so, with the...


May 23, 2008
Question: The 5/12/08 question posed on your blog asking about the new 0.00 fixed rate on I- Bonds has not been answered. As an 83 year old whose...
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Retirement Savings vs. Life Insurance

May 21, 2008
Question: I'm 56 and my wife and I together make around $80k and both contribute to our company matched 401Ks. I plan to retire at age 70. My...
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