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O% interest

Jun 26, 2008
Question: Ok Chris Farrell (or associate) I have a question that may give you a monetary migraine. I have approximately $7,000 in credit card debt ...
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Credit Card Debt

Jun 26, 2008
Question: I've accumulated some credit card debt (due to a drop in planned income) in the last 6 months. At this point, I have some money in a...
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Book Recommendation on Investing

Jun 24, 2008
Question: Do you have a suggestion for a book on basic investing? I'm looking for something that covers the basic investment vehicles: stocks,...
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Social Security Do-Over?

Jun 23, 2008
Question: This morning, rushing my kids to get them ready for school and myself to work, I overheard someone talk about borrowing from his/her own...
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Questions answered on air for June 21-22

Jun 20, 2008
In this edition of Getting Personal, Chris and Tess talk about buying a house with cash, consolidating student loans, taking on new credit card...

Adjustable Rate Mortgage

Jun 20, 2008
Question: Is there a source to which you can refer me that would state the average interest rate of the One Year T - constant maturity, over the...
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What Debts to Pay Off

Jun 19, 2008
Question: My husband and I will receive about $50,000 inheritance. He wants to use the whole sum to pay down our mortgage. I argue that we should...
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Getting Started

Jun 18, 2008
Question: I am 22. I have no debt. I currently have 6500.00 in savings & add about 300 a month to this account. I want to make my savings ...
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Merging Finances, Including Debt?

Jun 17, 2008
Question: I am 37 and getting married in three months to a gal who is 10 years younger than me. Financially, we're at different places in our lives...
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Buy A Home--Or Wait?

Jun 16, 2008
Question: My daddy taught me that rent is a waste of money, and my family has been renting for a year after relocating from NC. I'm ready to buy a...
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In Southern California's Inland Empire, unemployment has nearly tripled since the recession began and now tops 15 percent in many towns. Blue collar jobs in construction, manufacturing, trucking and warehousing that fed the boom are not returning as the national economy slowly bounces back. Marketplace's Mitchell Hartman reports on where residents are turning for shelter from the economic storm.