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Invest for the Long Haul

Jul 9, 2008
Question: I'm a 27-year old investor with about $3,000 in a $13,500 retirement portfolio in cash and probably another $1,500 in employer...
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Credit Card Debt

Jul 8, 2008
Question: Chris - I'm expecting an annual raise on my next paycheck of 3-4%. In the past, I've taken part of that and increased my 401k...
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The CPI and Inflation Hedges

Jul 7, 2008
Question: I'm interested in I-bonds and TIPS, but I don't trust our government to honestly calculate our rate of inflation (much as it uses a...
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Happy Fourth of July

Jul 4, 2008
Have a good long weekend.

Terminal Illness and Retirement Savings

Jul 3, 2008
Question: This is in regards to a questioner on a recent program (last weekend, I think). She was terminally ill and wanted to know the...
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A DIY MOrtgage?

Jul 2, 2008
Question: Dear Mr. Knows-a-lot-about-financial-stuff,...
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A Bigger Mortgage?

Jul 1, 2008
Question: Hi Chris! (please withhold my name if you use - thanks!)... I am 36 years old and about to marry for the first time (my fiancé is also...
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Questions answered on air for July 5-6

Jul 1, 2008
In this edition of Getting Personal, Chris and Tess talk about negotiating with collection agencies, comparing mutual fund fees, lazy investing and...

Students & Credit Cards

Jun 30, 2008
Comment: I am listening to your answer to the parents who have a son going to Prague for fall semester. I have two daughters who have just...
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July 1, 2008 and Student Loans

Jun 27, 2008
Question: I'd like to first start off by saying I love show and could listen to it for 3 hours a day if it were on and I had the time. Honestly,...



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