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Jul 22, 2008
Question: I'm not quite sure I understand Roth IRAs. I know there's a limit to what you can contribute each year, but is there a limit on how many...
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Credit Score?

Jul 21, 2008
Question: My husband and I are planning for our next car purchase -- a late model used car. We are able to pay cash for the car, but are wondering...

Are Credit Unions Insured?

Jul 18, 2008
Question: With uncertainties concerning the financial soundness of some banks there has been reassuring mention in news stories of FDIC protections...
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Save for Retirement?

Jul 17, 2008
Question: Chris - How much should someone save for retirement if they do not plan on retiring? I love my job and I plan on working well into my 70s...
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Old Retirement Savings Plan

Jul 16, 2008
Question: I recently changed jobs and am wondering if I should move funds from my old 401k over to my new one. For your information my previous...
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Borrowing Against 403(b)

Jul 15, 2008
Question: Most of my 403B money (Thrift Savings Plan) is in the government securities (G) fund. I have a mortgage on a commercial real estate...
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Pay Down Debt Too Fast?

Jul 14, 2008
Question: Background: My wife and I are recently married. She has a good entry level job with the university in town, which pays about 30,000...
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Retirement and Taxes

Jul 11, 2008
Question: Contributing to my 401 now is lowering my tax bracket, but I will have to pay taxes on this $ later. Is there a standard tax bracket in...
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Co-Signing for Sister

Jul 10, 2008
Question: I have a sister who is currently applying for private student loans. She has no co-signer and is therefore subject to higher interest...
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Getting to the root of job numbers

Jul 10, 2008
Employers hired workers in May at the slowest pace in about five years, but the unemployment hasn't moved that much. Scott Jagow talks to economics correspondent Chris Farrell, who doesn't get the job numbers.
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