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Question: Any budgeting software recommendations?

Submitted by aliontas | May 13,2013

I've just completed my graduate program studies and landed a job. I'd like to reevaluate my budget, now that I'm not longer a student, but I want to find competitive, user-friendly budget software that is compatible with Mac and allows me to manage all accounts in one place (checking/credit/money market/ira). Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Question: When should I sell my home?

Submitted by sodapop | May 15,2013

I am thinking of selling my home to move to a new home in a better school district. I expect we will make a healthy profit off our existing home, but when we buy a new home, I don't know if we will be able to buy a home for the same amount we will sell our current home for. Does it make sense to sell now?

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Question: Do you have any tips on preparing for your first interview?

Submitted by tcharette2005 | May 16,2013

This is going to be my first interview and it is tomorrow! I need some advice to calm my nerves, anything will be greatly appreciated. The company is Ocean Spray and it is for a junior engineering position.

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Question: Help! Considering resigning from my job to consider my next step

Submitted by natal | May 18,2013

Hello, I would like some advice. I have been with my present employer for 11 years and have felt for some time that it is time for a change. My conundrum/opportunity is that I'm not certain about my next steps, whether I want to continue doing the same/similar work, or make a major (life) change. Consequently, I am thinking about resigning, taking a month or so to do a cross-country road trip and visit old friends and places I have wanted to for some time, and taking the time and mental freedom to really think of my next job, what I want out of my life, etc. After my road trip, I am thinking of volunteering with a company/NGO doing work which interests me in order to get a better understanding of future possibilities. I am a single 41 year old woman (with no dependents save my dog), have about $85,000 in my 401(k) savings, and an additional $20,000 in savings. Am incredibly fortunate in that I have no debts. Thank you.

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Question: What happens to student loan debt if the borrower dies?

Submitted by rkitson | May 19,2013

I had four life changing events happen over a lifetime which kept me either deferred or paying minimum payments. I have paid $30k on a$18 k loan and still owe $5k. I am 63 years old. I have a grand total of $44k saved -- $5k in a roth and 39k in an ira. I am deferred yet again. I am NOT going to pay another dime... but am told I will have my wages garnished. What is crazy is this debt isn't even mine. It is a parent plus. What are they going to do follow me to the graveyard and demand payment from my heirs?

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Question: Too much in an HSA?

Submitted by jsmeyer777 | May 20,2013

My wife and I have been saving money in an HSA (along with the required HDHP) for the past 6 years or so. We've accumulated around $42,000 (we never take money out of it, instead use it for a long-term IRA-like savings vehicle). Is there a realistic risk of having too much money saved for healthcare down the road as we age into Medicare? We are both in our mid-40s.

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Question: Personal finance training help for high school students?

Submitted by judih | May 18,2013

I teach high school. Although I am a science teacher, I assigned a personal finance project to my students. I was horrified to find out they didn't know what loan terms were or in some cases what interest rates were...

Many objected to paying taxes, which I set at 30% for state, federal and Social Security combined. They didn't understand that there were some bills they HAD to pay each month, and a few didn't understand why they couldn't get everything they wanted and just spend as much as they wanted each month, even if it was more money than they made.

My question: How do we teach kids these things -- these kids are not learning at home -- and in conversation, some of their parents may need the training, too. Are there (free- since K-12 schools have no money) programs to teach kids? I'm sure a program designed by a professional finance person would be better than the one I designed. Can you share you ideas what the kids need to know?

Thanks, Judi

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Question: Is it legal for airline websites to increase prices on future visits?

Submitted by VTGB | May 07,2013

Hi, My family took our first trip to Disney in December 2012 (which turned out to be great). We booked our flight with JetBlue and I discovered something by accident that really does not sit well with me.

If you pick your flights and times online at the JetBlue site and then close your browser and re-open again, the price of the flight increases. For us that was about $100 more. Now, if you clear out the history and the cookies and close the browser then re-open again...magically.... the rates go back down to the original rate. I tried this on two other computers and achieved the same results.

That to me is a very deceptive business practice! I have not tried this with other airlines but I suspect it is a common practice. Is this legal?

Thank you,

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Question: Help! Missing bonds!

Submitted by michhunt | May 04,2013

I am currently in probate a safety deposit box is missing it contained paper bearer bonds and paper savings bonds. How do I follow the paper trail?

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Question: Credit card use in Europe?

Submitted by MNBarb | May 04,2013

I was listening to today's program. The caller who asked about money for his student-daughter's travel money was told to give her a credit card. I just wanted to comment that U.S. credit cards don't typically work in Europe. The cards issued there use Chip and PIN technology.



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