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Oct 19, 2009
A history of bad MSFT advertising, dating back to Steve Ballmer doing…some…thing… about Windows. Is he trying to act cheesy on...

Wolfram Alpha is on the iPhone

Oct 19, 2009
They sure are smart people who invented Wolfram Alpha. They sure are dumb at app pricing.

Resisting urge to make fun of Dungeons & Dragons

Oct 13, 2009
especially since they appear to have gotten the challenge of paid content vs. free content exactly right. They've achieved a huge user base with a...

Wow, Pepsi

Oct 13, 2009
I believe you've created one of the most sexist and horrifying things I've ever seen : the Before You Score app.

Before we start believing that Mossberg is always right...

Oct 9, 2009
"After months of testing Vista on multiple computers, new and old, I believe it is the best version of Windows that Microsoft has produced." —...

I'm not sure there's been a more alarming research project report title in a while than...

Oct 8, 2009
A Spotlight on Security and Privacy Risks with Future Household Robots: Attacks and Lessons
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Oct 8, 2009

Oh video game industry,

Oct 7, 2009
MUST you?

It takes a web user base of millions to finance our album

Oct 6, 2009
Public Enemy's new record to be financed via Sellaband. They need to raise $250,000. As I type this, they've raised a little less than six grand....

Twin Towers reinserted with iPhone augmented reality app

Oct 6, 2009
Yes, someone did it. Made a video with tinkly music and everything....



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