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Now I want an iPad AND to become a comics geek

Feb 9, 2010
This could really be huge for comics.
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Shut up!

Feb 4, 2010
I worry that long after our civilization is dead we will be judged not by our art and humanity and innovation but by the dumbass things said on...
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Nice knowing you, blogging

Feb 4, 2010
But the teens don't think you're Fonzie anymore.
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New X Prize for Brain Computer Interface

Feb 3, 2010
plus Kurzweil talk on Singularity here.

Durbin asks tech companies what they're doing about human rights issues in China

Feb 3, 2010
I'm sure they'll be completely open and honest. Read.

Yet another iPad essay

Jan 29, 2010
but way more enlightening than others:...

Vampire Weekend music and lots of it and right here.

Jan 21, 2010
I post this not because I'm a huge fan of the band, don't know them much really. I know they're popular, just haven't gotten around to it yet. But...

Google won't censor results in China

Jan 13, 2010
Big G's statement on recent events in China.

Apple Tablet Speculation Clearinghouse vol. 3

Jan 12, 2010
What if the tablet has somethin' what it gets shoved into?

Nexus One problems already?

Jan 11, 2010
Users report lots of drops from T-Mobile 3G network. Is T-Mobile the RC Cola of networks?


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