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Morning Memo - 5/12

May 12, 2010
Amazon makes download patches availableAuthor F. Paul Wilson had a printing error occur in the publishing of his most recent book, An Enemy Of The...
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Google Autocomplete, You Autocomplete Me.

May 11, 2010
One of our colleagues told us about how when you search "Elena Kagan" on Google lately, the autocomplete feature helpfully offers up suggestions...

Morning Memo - 5/11

May 11, 2010
Natal to launch in OctoberMicrosoft has gone on the record as saying their Natal video game system will go on the market in October. It's a much...

How to protect your kids' privacy online

May 10, 2010
Anna Weggel of our Public Insight team tapped into the Public Insight Network for some stories of how parents  help protect their kids' privacy...
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What We're Thinking About Today - 5/10

May 10, 2010
Facebook is set to launch it's location based service, according to TechCrunch . It's a potentially huge challenge to Foursquare and a potential...

Want to quit Facebook but they won't let you go?

May 10, 2010
We're working on a show for tomorrow about Facebook and how quitting the social media site doesn't necessarily mean you've left. I've heard from...
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You still have time to tell the FTC what you think

May 10, 2010
The Federal Trade Commission is still taking comments on what you think about the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, or COPPA. If you want...
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What We're Thinking About Today

May 7, 2010
So every day some of us sit around and go through tech stories that we've run across that we found interesting. Perhaps you'll be interested as...

Net Neutrality in 140 characters or less

May 6, 2010
We've been looking at the FCC announcement today for a possible episode. I've been following the net neutrality debate for years but I still find...

Does Lady Gaga go with business casual at Polaroid?

May 5, 2010
We're planning to run a really interesting interview about Polaroid film tomorrow. And in our research, we ran across this news item that Lady Gaga...
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