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A jobless recovery

Jun 9, 2009
It sure looks like the recovery--when it comes--could be poor at generating jobs. It isn't just the high unemplpyment rate. It's the large number...

The economics of global climate change

Jun 9, 2009
The sustainability and global climate change debate is shifting from science to political economy. I'm probably late to this paper, but I just read...
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Peter Bernstein

Jun 8, 2009
Peter Bernstein passed away on June 5th. He was the nation's leading financial philosopher of risk. Bernstein was one of the wisest people I've...

A miserable job market

Jun 5, 2009
The employment report suports the notion that the 18 month long recession is nearing its end. The 345,000 decline in payroll employment is about...

Personal bankruptcies up

Jun 4, 2009
In the 1990s and early 2000s more Americans than ever filed for personal bankruptcy. On April 20, 2005, President George W. Bush signed the...
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The Dow

Jun 3, 2009
Remember Victor Talking Machines, Postum Incorporated, and Nash Kelvinator? Probably not, unless you love business and finance history. These...
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We're borrowing less

Jun 2, 2009
Economist Brad Setser has a powerful chart on his blog. He makes the important point that despite the run-up in federal borrowing the U.S. is...

Is the recession over?

Jun 2, 2009
When the National Bureau of Economic Research gets around to dating the end of the recession will they pick June as the downturn's trough? It's...

New HSA limits

Jun 1, 2009
According to America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) about 8 million people are covered by HSAs. That's up from 6.1 million one year earlier....

The "claim and suspend" Social Security move

May 29, 2009
This could be a financial boon to a number of retirees. Many older people on Social Security have been forced by the bear market to go back to work...
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