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Greek businesses hurting even before latest cuts

Feb 13, 2012
Many Greeks spent the weekend protesting against austerity cuts in their country, in part because individuals and businesses are already having trouble scraping by.
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Why Greece has to make its payments

Feb 13, 2012
Why is it so important for Greece to get its bailout money by March 20th?
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No upturn on the horizon for Greece

Feb 13, 2012
Protesters in Athens are worried in part because planned austerity cuts could mean more lean years before a recovery kicks in.
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Instability in Greece likely to continue

Feb 13, 2012
Who has more to lose in the ongoing crisis in Europe -- Greece, or its lenders, like Germany?
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Greek austerity deal stirs anger and protests

Feb 13, 2012
The Greek parliament’s approval of a sweeping austerity package causes demonstrations as Greeks complain of being humiliated by their creditors.
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Greece adopts drastic austerity measures

Feb 13, 2012
Overnight, the Greek parliament imposed drastic cuts that will layoff some 150,000 government workers, raise the retirement age and lower the minimum wage by 20 percent. What would the same cutbacks feel like here in the U.S.?
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Protests in Athens over latest proposed cuts

Feb 10, 2012
Greeks are striking again today to protest deep cuts the government wants to make in order to get more bailout money. But even the most recent austerity deal Greece proposed might not be enough.
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Greeks protesting at another critical moment for Europe

Feb 10, 2012
A day after the government submitted a budget cutting plan that’s needed in order for Greece to get more bailout money, there are huge strikes over the cuts going on in Athens today.
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In Greece, politicians agree on austerity deal

Feb 9, 2012
Greek lawmakers have agreed on an austerity package that features spending cuts and reforms. But implementing it won't be easy.
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When is the real deadline for Greece?

Feb 6, 2012
Greece was on deadline to deliver a cost-cutting plan to the IMF and EU last week, this past weekend and today. Now, the deadline has been extended. When might the country default?
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