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The Fed turns a healthy profit in 2010

Oct 3, 2011
The Marketplace Daily Pulse is beating faster today thanks to all the profit raining down from American's central banking system, the Federal...
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Iced out - Friendly's to file for bankruptcy

Sep 30, 2011
Riskiest restaurant stocks, based on Prof Ed Altman's Altman-Z score source: The Street.com There's nothing like an ice cream to boost your mor...
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Debit downer: BofA to charge card fee

Sep 29, 2011
Five bucks a month. That's what you'll be paying for a Bank of America debit card starting next year.
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Murders & acquisitions -- traders are psycho: study

Sep 28, 2011
It's something that all of us, even traders themselves, have suspected -- traders are even more psycho than the average psycho!...
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Goldman Sachs cuts go deep

Sep 27, 2011
Goldman Sachs announced several months ago that it would make deep cuts in its operations to save as much as $1.2 billion. Today we heard those c...
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Sweet tooth -- traders buy commodities

Sep 26, 2011
Commodities priced jumped today, after prices fell to a ten-moth low last week. Sugar spun up to its highest price in more than a month. Aluminum rose, and coffee perked up, too.
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Stalled: U.S. consumers buying less gas

Sep 23, 2011
12-month average cost for self-serve regular. source: AAA The American Petroleum Institute says Americans consumed less gasoline in August than ...
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Absolutely, positively pessimistic: FedEx

Sep 22, 2011
FedEx is not feeling good about the economy. The company's CEO, Fred Smith said today that he thinks we're in for a sluggish growth period for some time to come. That's depressing the Marketplace Daily Pulse today.
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Plastic fantastic - credit card solicitations rocket

Sep 21, 2011
Credit card solicitations are double what they were last year. Business Insider got its hands on a research report by Credit Suisse, which says...
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Reach for the sky! Airline fees ratchet higher

Sep 20, 2011
A USA Today study on airline fees says the fees airlines are charging for overweight bags and regular check-in luggage are the highest they've ever been. The news that one airline is even charging for cabin baggage threatened to give the Marketplace Daily Pulse a cardiac arrest today.



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