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Turkey (the country) gets a pardon

Nov 23, 2011
Fitch said it's bumping Turkey's outlook to positive from stable. Something to be thankful for.
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The stimulus added how many jobs?

Nov 22, 2011
The Congressional Budget Office says the 2009 economic stimulus added lots of jobs. But we're not sure about how many.
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Poll: 69% of us knew super committee was doomed

Nov 21, 2011
How did Republicans and Democrats compare in their predictions?
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NCAA launches investigation into Penn State

Nov 18, 2011
NCAA President Mark Emmert has announced that an investigation into the Penn State scandal would start immediately.
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Happy Guinness World Records Day!

Nov 17, 2011
More 200,000 people around the world took part in attempts to break or make records.

Toxic chemicals in your baby shampoo

Nov 16, 2011
Johnson & Johnson announced today it's going to start removing two toxic chemicals from its popular baby shampoo.

Fannie, Freddie executive pay and the STOCK Act

Nov 15, 2011
The House Financial Services Committee voted to stop the multimillion dollar bonuses Fannie and Freddie executive have been getting. And the STOCK Act is introduced in the Senate.
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What's your tourism slogan for the U.S.?

Nov 14, 2011
A new marketing campaign calls America "The United States of Awesome Possibilities." Can you do better?

Betting the odds on the Republican presidential nomination

Nov 10, 2011
This final note today about the GOP debate and what markets can tell us about ourselves.
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Agriculture department not charging a Christmas tree tax

Nov 9, 2011
This final note today, the truth in journalism edition. Offered 'cause we almost got caught up in it ourselves. Despite what you may have heard ...
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