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Walgreens to expand, and more economic acronyms

Jun 19, 2012
Walgreens will spend nearly $7 billion in a stake in European health and beauty retailer Alliance Boots. And inspired by yesterday's story on HENRYs, more on economic acronyms.
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Roger Clemens found not guilty in perjury trial

Jun 18, 2012
The seven-time Cy Young Award winner was on trial for making false statements, perjury and obstructing Congress when he testified about steroid use during a February 2008 inquiry by the House Oversight and Government Affairs.
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Facebook not the most disappointing IPO ever

Jun 15, 2012
That title would actually go to a Chinese online gaming company.
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L.A. Kings fans celebrate -- and pay up

Jun 14, 2012
The L.A. Kings are celebrating their Stanley Cup victory with a parade in Los Angeles today, and fans are ponying up for team merchandise. But will the Kings actually benefit from the sales?
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Senate Banking Committee's involvement in JPMorgan

Jun 13, 2012
Sixteen senators from the Senate Banking Committee have taken campaign contributions from JPMorgan's political action committee. We called them for comment.
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JPMorgan Chase's Jamie Dimon to testify before Senate

Jun 12, 2012
The CEO of JPMorgan Chase will have to explain the $2 billion loss from a few weeks ago.
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Silver bullets are for werewolves, not vampires! Anne Rice confirms

Jun 11, 2012
Plus, what really scares the well-known horror fiction writer: "poverty, starvation, genocide, war, nuclear annihilation."
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Jumping off the pop culture cliff

Jun 7, 2012
To illustrate the fiscal cliffs ahead, we explored some famous cliff scenes at the beginning of today's show.

Remembering Ray Bradbury

Jun 6, 2012
Author Ray Bradbury passed away at age 91. He was more than just a science fiction writer.
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Nasdaq to compensate Facebook investors

Jun 5, 2012
It says there was a 30-minute glitch at the Facebook open a few weeks ago. Losses are estimated to be near $100 million.
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