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State of the Union 2013 sounds a bit like State of the Union 2012

Feb 13, 2013
See if you can tell which piece of tape was from President Obama's State of the Union this year, and which one was from last year.
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Tim Cook visits Apple stores when he's depressed

Feb 12, 2013
"It's like Prozac or something," the Apple CEO said today at a Goldman Sachs technology conference.
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A few facts about Pope Benedict XVI

Feb 11, 2013
The pope announced today he would be resigning at the end of the month.
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25 billion iTunes downloads for Apple, but a lawsuit too

Feb 7, 2013
Timing is everything for the tech giant.
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Name Timothy Geithner's book

Feb 6, 2013
News came today that former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner plans to write a book. Twitter took the opportunity to think of titles.
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CEOs with big signatures are more likely to overspend

Feb 5, 2013
A new study says big signatures are evidence of narcissism, which in the executive capacity can be detrimental to corporate health.
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Americans spend 4% of household income on gasoline

Feb 4, 2013
The Energy Department said today the average American household now spends $2,900 a year on gas.
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The last time the Dow was above 14,000...

Feb 1, 2013
Looking back at what's changed since the last time the Dow Industrial Jones Average reached above 14,000.

State of Washington in search of marijuana consultant

Jan 31, 2013
The State Liquor Control Board needs an official marijuana consultant to advise on the finer points of all things cannabis.
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Dolce and Gabbana to release perfume for babies

Jan 30, 2013
The new fragrance will have notes of citrus, melon and honey.
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