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Check your cultural references against the new Mindset List

Aug 21, 2012
It's a compendium of cultural references targeted at professors who may not realize just how out of the times they seem to this year's college freshmen.
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'Middle class' to melt away at political conventions

Aug 20, 2012
We've heard a lot in recent years about the disappearing middle class. Well, anyone attending either the Republican or Democratic National Conventions will be able to watch it happen.
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U.S. carbon emissions hit a 20-year low

Aug 16, 2012
A hint of optimism about climate change.
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Klout changes its algorithm

Aug 15, 2012
So now President Obama has a better Klout score than Justin Bieber.
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Math nerds will love today's U.S. population number

Aug 14, 2012
Shortly after 2:29 this afternoon Eastern Daylight Time, the U.S. population clock hit 314,159,265.
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Barack Obama's already lost one congressional district

Aug 13, 2012
Don't expect the Wisconsin's 1st District to go blue this November.
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The benefits of death for Google employees

Aug 9, 2012
The tech company offers a pretty decent death benefits package for its employees.
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Disney offers made-to-order princess dolls

Aug 8, 2012
Girls aged 3 to 12 can now have their likeness photographed and molded into an actual princess figurine.
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Kraft says gum sales are struggling

Aug 7, 2012
"Gum," the food conglomerate says, "continues to be weak."
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Shannon Eastin will be first female official in an NFL game

Aug 6, 2012
She'll be on the field Thursday night when the Green Bay Packers play the San Diego Chargers.
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