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What's your dream corporate mashup?

Nov 1, 2012
Now that AT&T and T-Mobile are teaming up, we wondered what other rivals would be better together.

'This little rainstorm is not going to stop New York'

Oct 31, 2012
A New Yorker tells us about the commute into Manhattan today, after Superstorm Sandy.
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You can do a lot with $2 billion

Oct 26, 2012
President Obama and Gov. Romney have raised just shy of $2 billion collectively. Here are a few things they could do with that money.
Posted In: Election 2012

Geoffrey Chaucer invented 'twitter'

Oct 25, 2012
It's the 612th anniversary of the death of the famous author. Turns out, he invented the word many of us use commonly in social media today.
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Justice Department sues Bank of America over mortgage fraud

Oct 24, 2012
The Justice Department says Countrywide Financial -- which B of A bought in 2008 -- cranked out bad home loans without proper checks to make sure they were legit, and then sold those mortgages to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
Posted In: Bank of America, Countrywide, mortgage fraud, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac

Fact-checking Obama's 'horses and bayonets' comment

Oct 23, 2012
One last follow-up to the presidential debate last night and President Obama's comment on fewer horses and bayonets used by the U.S. military.
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New technology for Fed's money-counting machines

Oct 22, 2012
Now the Federal Reserve's money-counting machines can read bills worth $20 or less even if they're upside-down. They used to destroy bills that weren't stacked correctly.
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Minnesota cracks down on free online education

Oct 19, 2012
Minnesota officials have told online learning companies they're not allowed to teach state residents unless they get a license.
Posted In: online education, Minnesota

Montblanc to capture a 'World Second'

Oct 18, 2012
The luxury goods company Montblanc is about to do same-day projects one better.
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New York Fed target of alleged bomb plot

Oct 17, 2012
The FBI has arrested a man after they say he tried to detonate a bomb in a van parked outside the Fed building in Lower Manhattan.
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