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Taco Bell menu goes healthy, with protein

Jun 25, 2013
The fast-food franchise is looking to double the meat in its menu items.
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Forget the IRS; investigate the Girl Scouts!

Jun 24, 2013
An Iowa congressman is calling for an inquiry by the House Ways and Means Committee into the finances of the Girl Scouts.
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Putin says he'll replace lost Super Bowl ring

Jun 21, 2013
The Russian president claims he doesn't remember the incident involving Robert Kraft's Super Bowl ring.
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Want a job at Google?: No more brainteasers

Jun 20, 2013
The biggest search firm in the world is infamous for its, shall we say, tortured job interview questions.
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World Food Prize goes to Monsanto executive

Jun 19, 2013
"For his work in developing and improving genetically modified crops," said the president of the World Food Prize Foundation.
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The case of the Super Bowl ring: Kraft says Putin pocketed it

Jun 17, 2013
New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and Russian President Vladimir Putin have differing stories about what happened to Kraft's Super Bowl ring.
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Caffeine withdrawal is officially a mental health disorder

Jun 13, 2013
The new edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual now lists caffeine withdrawal.
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U.S. NAVY STOPS YELLING AT YOU by dropping all-capitals communications

Jun 12, 2013
For 150 years, the official Navy communications system only allowed FOR ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.
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Google wants to reveal details of government's data requests

Jun 11, 2013
As of right now, it's not allowed to even acknowledge those requests, let alone how many of them there are and for what kind of data.
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'1984' moves up Amazon best-sellers list

Jun 10, 2013
Concerns over Orwellian surveillance and Big Brother provides a literary boost.
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