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GM is no longer 'Government Motors'

Dec 9, 2013
The federal government is now officially out of the car business.
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Price tag on a new Lamborghini? 108 bitcoins.

Dec 6, 2013
You got $95,000 in Bitcoin?
Posted In: bitcoin, cars, Lamborghini

We all gave the TSA a half million dollars last year

Dec 5, 2013
Well that's nice of us.
Posted In: change, TSA, veterans

In which U.S. holiday shopping is mellow

Dec 4, 2013
You think holiday shoppers in the U.S. are crazy? You ain't seen nothing.
Posted In: holiday, shopping
People crowd the first floor of a Macy's before the store's midnight opening that kicks off the "Black Friday" shopping weekend. A social-media campaign to boycott Black Friday in protest of events in Ferguson, Missouri, has begun to take shape.

Look at what we bought!

Dec 3, 2013
A final note in which you lose a little faith in humanity.
Posted In: shopping, Black Friday, YouTube

Arrested on Black Friday, for throwing money at the mall

Dec 2, 2013
Security at the Mall of America arrested Serge Vorobyov on Friday afternoon for throwing $1,000 in $1 bills off a balcony at the mall.
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Need an extra basketball timeout? That'll be $50,000

Nov 29, 2013
Our Final Note today comes from the world of basketball and loopholes.
Posted In: Sports

An economic turkey throwdown

Nov 28, 2013
You may know former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker as the guy who tamed inflation, but apparently, he cooks a mean Thanksgiving turkey.
Posted In: turkey, cooking, recipes, Paul Volcker, austan goolsbee

Judge orders Sriracha plant to partially shut down

Nov 27, 2013
Sriracha's southern California factory has been partially shut down under a judge's order.
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World's most expensive book to be auctioned?

Nov 26, 2013
The Bay Psalm book, one of the world's rarest books, is being auctioned tonight.



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