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Turning 15: Google and the NFL's yellow first down line

Sep 27, 2013
Two tech innovations celebrate turning 15 today.
Posted In: Google, NFL, football

Bill Gates confesses: CTRL-ALT-DEL was a mistake

Sep 26, 2013
Gates says he wanted a single button, but the IBM guy wouldn't give it to them.
Posted In: bill gates, Microsoft

Gone sailin': Larry Ellison chooses America's Cup over Oracle

Sep 25, 2013
The Oracle CEO skipped a conference for his company's products, basically so he could go sailing in San Francisco Bay.
Posted In: Oracle, Larry Ellison, america's cup

Happy anniversary, debt limit! (What do you get for a 96th anniversary gift?)

Sep 24, 2013
The debt limit was enacted as part of the Second Liberty Bond Act.

Link rot and Supreme Court justices

Sep 23, 2013
The highest court in the land suffers from embarrassing "link rot."
Posted In: Supreme Court

iOS 7 hate starts young

Sep 20, 2013
Apple's new operating system upgrades on iPhones and iPads means change for many.
Posted In: apple, iOS 7

A messy desk? You're just creative

Sep 19, 2013
The science behind a messy desk.
Posted In: workplace, workplace culture

Grumpy Cat sells out: To Friskies

Sep 18, 2013
But don't expect the cat, named Tardar Sauce, to look happy about it.
Posted In: Grumpy Cat

Men get to talk turkey, courtesy of Butterball

Sep 17, 2013
Every year, tens of thousands of Americans call in to a toll-free number to get help in cooking holiday dinners. In the past, all of the turkey experts have been women. Not anymore.
Posted In: Thanksgiving, turkeys, Butterball

Russia's PR company gets Putin in New York Times

Sep 12, 2013
Ketchum, the PR firm, is American.
Posted In: Vladimir Putin



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