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Facebook profiles can predict job performance

Feb 21, 2012
A new study says looking at people's profiles on the social network can predict how dependable or emotionally stable a person is.
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Taco Bell to launch Doritos tacos

Feb 20, 2012
Taco Bell will soon roll out tacos that have shells made from Doritos chips.
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Seriously, put down the phone while driving

Feb 16, 2012
Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said today he wants carmakers to come up with devices that would disable gadgets in the car.
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It's true: A White Castle Valentine's Day dinner

Feb 14, 2012
The fast-food burger joint is set to celebrate Valentine's Day in style.
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Saving money on making money

Feb 13, 2012
In his new budget released today, President Obama said he wants Congress to let the Treasury Department use cheaper materials to mint our coins.
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Happy #FedValentines Day!

Feb 10, 2012
The favorite holiday of economists and business journalists.
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Protests against Apple in N.Y.C. call for 'ethical iPhone'

Feb 9, 2012
There's been a lot in the press lately about working conditions in Apple factories in China. Apparently, we're worried about it -- but only a little bit.
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Consumer borrowing rises again

Feb 7, 2012
A borrowing consumer is a confident consumer. But it's not all good news.
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Iran bans 'Simpsons' dolls

Feb 6, 2012
Barbie isn't allowed either.
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Las Vegas to open a Mob Museum

Feb 3, 2012
Set to open on Feb. 14, the new attraction will feature cool mafia things like John Gotti's suit and machine gun simulators.
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