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Adorable goods orders: Tracking the dog economy

Nov 13, 2012
The Euromonitor International tracks the percentage change in the number of dogs in a given country in the past five years and correlates that to the rate of economic development.
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An actual cliff diver on the fiscal cliff

Nov 12, 2012
America's #1 cliff diver, Steven LoBue, says the slightest miscalculation can spell disaster. How might that apply to the U.S.'s own fiscal cliff?
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The Pope to join Twitter

Nov 9, 2012
It's a whole new kind of follower.
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Mayor Bloomberg institutes odd-even gas rationing

Nov 8, 2012
Odd numbered license plates get to buy gas on odd numbered dates; evens on evens.
Posted In: gas, New York City, gasoline, Hurricane Sandy

On the influence of money in politics

Nov 7, 2012
Revisiting the issue of money and its role in politics in this country.
Posted In: campaign finance, campaign contributions, super PACs

Election Day a holiday for United Auto Workers

Nov 6, 2012
UAW members have had Election Day off since 1999.
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Buy your 'I voted' stickers now

Nov 5, 2012
Patriotism and civic pride can be yours for just $3.80 per thousand.
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Sandy may have flooded paper stock certificates

Nov 2, 2012
The basement vault of the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation holds 1.3 million shares of stock, bonds and foreign securities. And it was flooded by Superstorm Sandy.
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What's your dream corporate mashup?

Nov 1, 2012
Now that AT&T and T-Mobile are teaming up, we wondered what other rivals would be better together.

'This little rainstorm is not going to stop New York'

Oct 31, 2012
A New Yorker tells us about the commute into Manhattan today, after Superstorm Sandy.
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