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Founder and CEO Andrew Mason fired from Groupon

Feb 28, 2013
"If you're wondering why," Mason wrote in his farewell email, "You haven't been paying attention."
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CEO Jamie Dimon: JPMorgan 'benefits from downturns'

Feb 27, 2013
Things that kill mere mortals only make JPMorgan Chase stronger.
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Forget taxes, diet soda is real partisan divide

Feb 26, 2013
Diet or regular? A new poll shows soda choices are just as divisive as politics.
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London mayor calls lawmakers 'great supine protoplasmic invertebrate jellies'

Feb 25, 2013
The notoriously outspoken Boris Johnson was surprised that lawmakers in the London Assembly had no questions about a major budget cut.
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To catch an Apple thief: NYPD creates new team

Feb 22, 2013
Mayor Michael Bloomberg blamed the rise in overall crime in the city on Apple products subjected to the five-finger discount.
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Get ready to stream: more Wi-Fi coming your way

Feb 20, 2013
The Federal Communications Commission votes to set aside more of the wireless spectrum for Wi-Fi.
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What to do with an old cell phone: Sell it!

Feb 19, 2013
Consumers are sitting on $33 billion worth of old, unused mobile phones.
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The lasting economic legacy of Lakers' owner Jerry Buss

Feb 18, 2013
L.A. Lakers owner Jerry Buss died today after battling cancer. He led the Lakers to 10 league championships and was also an innovative businessman.
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Car crash videos you can't stop watching, and why Russian corruption is to blame

Feb 15, 2013
Russian corruption has forced many people to install dashboard cameras to protect themselves against false charges or claims of liability. All those cameras have an unforeseen side effect -- they've helped create some incredible viral videos.
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State of the Union 2013 sounds a bit like State of the Union 2012

Feb 13, 2013
See if you can tell which piece of tape was from President Obama's State of the Union this year, and which one was from last year.
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