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PODCAST: Happy birthday, now cut me a check

Aug 27, 2015
On today's show: retiring amid volatile markets and paying up to sing "Happy Birthday."
Everest College is one of the college systems owned by Corinthian Colleges Inc.

PODCAST: Wall Street's rusty plumbing

Aug 26, 2015
A Dow rally, ETFs and a for-profit college's bankruptcy plan

PODCAST: Looking for a rebound

Aug 25, 2015
Where do we go after Black Monday?

PODCAST: The fallout from "Black Monday"

Aug 24, 2015
On today's show: interest rates and self-driving cars.

PODCAST: A paint store ten years after Katrina

Aug 21, 2015
On today's show: stock markets, firefighters, and a paint store in New Orleans.

PODCAST: The economics of palliative care

Aug 20, 2015
The CPI, palliative care and a check-in on a street in New Orleans.

PODCAST: Why you pay what you pay

Aug 19, 2015
Fed minutes, consumer prices, and rebuilding New Orleans.

PODCAST: Elysian Fields

Aug 18, 2015
China's markets, viagra for women, and a check-in on Elysian Fields in New Orleans.
 Boxes move along a conveyor belt at an Amazon fulfillment center in Tracy, California.

PODCAST: Amazonians

Aug 17, 2015
An update on the markets, skyrocketing live music revenue, and the brutal work culture accounts at Amazon.

PODCAST: Infrastructure in Cuba

Aug 14, 2015
Chinese currency, Cuban infrastructure, and gentrification.

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