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PODCAST: A student loan program from down under

Jul 1, 2013
What the U.S. can learn from Australia's 'study now-pay later' student loan formula. New spying revelations cast doubt over U.S.-EU trade deal. And Medicare starts up competitive bidding for medical equipment.

PODCAST: The gross truth of school lunch

Jun 28, 2013
Who's afraid of a 5 percent mortgage rate? A fourth-grader takes an undercover look at school lunches. And a 650,000 person sequester furlough.

PODCAST: Going once, going twice...sold?

Jun 27, 2013
Upbeat data don't add up to a strong economy. The New York Times is set to the sell the Boston Globe for one-tenth the price it paid. And how will injuries impact today's NBA draft?

PODCAST: My finger is on the button

Jun 26, 2013
Would a Softbank-Sprint deal lower mobile phone costs in the U.S.? The 'start' button is back. And happy 40th to Broadway discounter TKTS.

PODCAST: LEGO my ego, 'feral hogs' and central bankers

Jun 25, 2013
Is Italy headed for a Greece-style bailout? How LEGO came back from the brink with the brick. And a central bankers calls investors 'feral hogs.'

PODCAST: Don't bank on the central bank

Jun 24, 2013
Markets down in China after the country's central bank freezes lending. And after central banks do their part, what can the government to do shore up banks?

PODCAST: The 30 million person crack in health care reform

Jun 21, 2013
City mayors question the nation's immigration policy. A look at the 30 million people who will still be uninsured after the Affordable Care Act takes effect. And the threat of piracy grows off the coast of West Africa.

PODCAST: Fed ahead, markets down

Jun 20, 2013
The Fed looks ahead. The U.S. military leaves behind billions in military equipment in Afghanistan. And the crisis of long-term health care savings.

PODCAST: All Fed, all the time

Jun 19, 2013
Wall Street's top cop rethinks sweetheart settlements. What makes a bubble and are we in one? And all eyes turn to the Federal Reserve.

PODCAST: Fed play-by-play

Jun 18, 2013
Following the Fed play-by-play. Can co-ops remake America's economy from the ground up?



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