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PODCAST: Rained in, sales up

Jul 15, 2013
June retail sales are up, but not over. Georgia, Kentucky and North Carolina's tobacco crop is threatened by excessive rain. And weight-loss drugmaker Vivus is pushing for more sales.

PODCAST: UPS on the downs, border patrol up north

Jul 12, 2013
UPS profits: Alarming news comes next day air. Lawmakers look to shore up America's northern border. And states' refusal to expand Medicaid complicates health care for many uninsured.

PODCAST: Gas prices up, Mobile payment tossup

Jul 11, 2013
The Fed is still in the game, and stocks are reacting. Which mobile payment service is right for you? And higher gas prices, a supply and demand story.

PODCAST: Market failures and Egypt economics

Jul 10, 2013
Egypt's gets a new prime minister with an economics background. And markets come up short in providing crucial drugs for premature babies.

PODCAST: Auditor rotation, Christian vocation

Jul 9, 2013
Should companies be forced to rotate auditors? As Barnes & Noble struggles, Christian bookstores succeed. And tech companies look to stay ahead of hackers.

PODCAST: Jobs versus interest rates

Jul 8, 2013
Military commissaries closed by sequester. Thomson Reuters expected to suspend data sneak peaks. And which would you rather have: more jobs or lower interest rates?

PODCAST: Honda, jobs, and national parks

Jul 5, 2013
Is Japanese-owned Honda an American success story? The latest jobs numbers. And despite the sequester, park attendance in 2013 is up.

PODCAST: Egypt markets spike, BART strike divide

Jul 4, 2013
Markets spike on Egypt's sharp turn. BART strike reveals the divide between tech and transit workers. And what business lessons can be learned from the Battle of Gettysburg?

PODCAST: Bitcoin hits Wall Street

Jul 3, 2013
Affordable Care Act mandate gets delayed: Who wins, who loses? Layoffs hit the financial sector in June. And Bitcoin attracts Wall Street.

PODCAST: Game, set, match

Jul 2, 2013
Heads roll at the Vatican bank. More and more houses built in 'red zones' despite wildfires. And Wimbledon upsets threaten TV ratings -- or do they?



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