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President Barack Obama delivers the 2014 State of the Union address.

PODCAST: Obama announces a new non-profit

May 4, 2015
April's payroll, Obama's non-profit, and the so-called "landmen"

PODCAST: Off to the races

May 1, 2015
A look back at April, and the changing demographic of horse owners.

PODCAST: Bernanke joins PIMCO

Apr 30, 2015
Unemployment numbers, aid in Nepal, and Ben Bernanke joins PIMCO.

PODCAST: Pay-for-performance disclosures

Apr 29, 2015
Disappointing GDP, the SEC's new rules, ranking colleges by economic potential, and the NFL pays taxes.

PODCAST: The suburb revival

Apr 28, 2015
Oil company profits, Japan's currency, and millennials in the suburbs.

PODCAST: Aid in Nepal

Apr 27, 2015
An update on aid in Nepal, a look at retirement plans for veterans, and changes to the TVA.
The once-expected merge between Comcast and Time-Warner is now coming to a halt.

PODCAST: The merger that never was

Apr 24, 2015
The merger that never was, and revisiting the terrible collapse of a clothing factory in Bangladesh.

PODCAST: A huge quarterly loss for Brazilian oil company

Apr 23, 2015
Rent goes up, Brazilian oil goes down, and Target caters to Hispanic millennials.

PODCAST: The spark behind the "Flash Crash"

Apr 22, 2015
More on the alleged culprit behind the "Flash Crash," Google's wireless service, and California's drought.

PODCAST: The business of reruns

Apr 21, 2015
Google's tidying up, the Time Warner Cable-Comcast merger, and the business of reruns.



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