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PODCAST: Bees get the vote

Apr 29, 2013
Long running TV soap operas find new life online. EU leaders vote to protect bees. And the quiet impacts of the sequester.

PODCAST: What's GDP growth got to do with it? And, Google stock tips

Apr 26, 2013
U.S. GDP grew at an annual pace of 2.5 percent in the first quarter, disappointing investors and many economists. But why is GDP growth necessary? And can you get stock tips from Google search?

PODCAST: Delays on the horizon, Austerity in the rear-view

Apr 25, 2013
Airlines look to mitigate delays caused by the sequestration. Italy has a new Prime Minister and he doesn't like austerity. And who bears responsibility for sub-standard safety conditions in overseas factories?

PODCAST: Apple is not the apple of Wall Street's eye

Apr 24, 2013
Apple disappoints Wall Street. It's the half time show in the earnings game. And Walmart's PR guy explains his work on the company's image.

PODCAST: Netflix, surveillance, and drought profits

Apr 23, 2013
Netflix adds subscribers, DuPont earnings are up on drought-resistant seed sales, and after Boston, surveillance cameras are hot sellers.

PODCAST: Caterpillar shrinks, GDP grows

Apr 22, 2013
Caterpillar shrinks, GDP grows, and Made in Italy -- but by China.

PODCAST: Boston on lockdown

Apr 19, 2013
As a manhunt for one of suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings intensifies this morning, authorities are asking local residents to stay in their homes. Public transit has been suspended and businesses are being asked to remain closed.

PODCAST: The apple falls from the tree, Germany agrees

Apr 18, 2013
Chinese consumers turn to imported foods. What's up with Apple's stock slide? And Germany approves a $13 billion bailout for Cyprus.

PODCAST: Gold prices, deflation, and your wallet

Apr 17, 2013
Gold prices, deflation, and your wallet. The state of global clean energy. And who needs consumer demand to make money anyway?

PODCAST: Boston officials urge public to submit photos, video

Apr 16, 2013
Boston authorities investigate the bombing at yesterday's Marathon. The sequester could push some renters out of Section 8 housing. And has Marissa Mayer's acquire-to-hire strategy worked out for Yahoo?



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