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PODCAST: Amazon dominates without profits

Oct 24, 2013
Amazon is looking to grow and dominate, and is willing to sink billions into risky ventures like its streaming video service. New rules will require brokers to disclose signing bonuses. And, the price of natural gas so cheap, manufacturing is coming back to America.

PODCAST: The global impact of illegal logging

Oct 23, 2013
The SEC considers rules for allowing companies to raise money online. The city of Detroit tells a judge it can't pay for the $18 billion in long-term liabilities it has accumulated.

PODCAST: New jobs report shows 148,000 jobs added

Oct 22, 2013
The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the economy added 148,000 jobs last month. The unemployment rate fell to 7.2 percent. And, new exposé in The Huffington Post describes startling allegations of abuse and neglect at for-profit juvenile prisons.

PODCAST: If they show music videos on TV again, will anyone watch?

Oct 21, 2013
Delayed figures on unemployment are expected to hold steady. Diddy launches music TV network for millennials. And, Brazil convenes a committee to monitor prices and service ahead of next year’s World Cup to head off price gouging. But for retailers, there’s a fine line between appropriately responding to increased demand and taking advantage.

PODCAST: Big business not invited to the Tea Party

Oct 18, 2013
The business community helped elect some Tea Party Republicans to Congress -- and they weren't happy with the shutdown and debt ceiling fight. The British government is trying to prohibit The Wall Street Journal from publishing the names of trades implicated in the LIBOR scandal. And, China's GDP is growing as leaders look to make economic reforms.

PODCAST: The debt ceiling battle's aftermath

Oct 17, 2013
The aftermath of the debt ceiling debacle: consumer confidence is shaken, companies aren't spending, interest rates will rise, the nation's credit rating is in jeopardy, and GDP growth takes a hit. Is Google’s strong-arming of advertisers to buy ads across multiple platforms paying off? And, in November, the Supreme Court will hear arguments in a case that hinges on the definition of clothing.

PODCAST: The world watches Washington

Oct 16, 2013
The deadline to raise the debt ceiling is less than 24 hours away. Toy analysts say Mattel's core brands and its progress in high-tech toys have helped it do better than some other toymakers. And, in Camden, New Jersey, one non-profit is using real-time hospital data to help locate people eligible for Obamacare.

PODCAST: The economic impact of the debt limit fight

Oct 15, 2013
Whether or not Congress raises the debt ceiling in time, we may be headed for another economic slowdown. As Iran prepares for nuclear talks in Geneva, the current international sanctions still impact everyday life in Iran. And, United debuts an in-flight magazine, titled Rhapsody, for high-end and business travelers.

PODCAST: Clock ticks on debt deal

Oct 14, 2013
A weak start on Wall Street today as the federal budget and the future of federal borrowing remain unresolved. Three Americans win the Nobel Prize in Economics. And, Medicare enrollment is already confusing enough. The new health care exchanges will only make it more so. And that could end up being costly for taxpayers.

PODCAST: Economy flying blind

Oct 11, 2013
Trying to figure out economic data without official government statistics. Employers can give employees bigger discounts on health care if they participate in wellness programs. But what if instead of gym memberships, those programs handed out devices that tracked your every step? And, Ben Bernanke completes his term in January. Help us send him off!



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