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PODCAST: The Commerce Dept. has the least popular booth at CES

Jan 8, 2014
At CES in Las Vegas, the Commerce Department highlights its "Open for Business Agenda." 50 years of the War on Poverty. And, Silicon Valley's embrace of failure as a step toward success can be confusing -- especially if you're the venture capitalist that put up the money.

PODCAST: A bad time for the bee business

Jan 7, 2014
Made in the USA fossil fuels alter the country's trade status. The American Beekeeping Federation and the American Honey Producers Association both start their annual meetings. And, Provo and Salt Lake City are home to a cluster of tech start-up companies, thanks to the culture and geography of Utah.

PODCAST: Yellen expected to be confirmed today

Jan 6, 2014
Janet Yellen is expected to be confirmed as the chair of the Federal Reserve today. Expect unemployment to drop -- but not because people are heading back to work. And, Delta Air Lines will take its final DC-9 to the skies today, punctuating a most unlikely and colorful span of airliner history.

PODCAST: Cheerios to go GMO-free

Jan 3, 2014
A look at what happened on the first trading day of the new year. Soon, you will be able to buy a box of Cheerios that is GMO-free. And, which country gets most of its energy from renewable resources?

PODCAST: Plenty to do in the New Year

Jan 1, 2014
With the budget fight resolved, Congress should have plenty of time to deal with other issues next week. And Google tries to make CAPTCHA easier to figure out.

PODCAST: How safe are bonds?

Dec 31, 2013
Stocks were on a roll this year. Does it follow that it's time to turn to bonds? Also, on Jan. 1, the Freedom from Drone Surveillance Act goes into effect in Illinois.

PODCAST: Sprint CEO Dan Hesse

Dec 30, 2013
The Dow is up by 29 percent for the year on this penultimate day of trading for 2013. And, Sprint's CEO talks fast data, HD phone calls, "The Three Little Pigs," and a potential T-Mobile merger.

PODCAST: The Weather Channel versus a weather channel

Dec 27, 2013
The taper pushes up the 10-year. California, Illinois, and Oregon are just three of the states changing their hands-free, cell phone driving rules next year. And, DirecTV has launched its own weather-related TV channel right next to the Weather Channel.

PODCAST: UPS's Christmas fail

Dec 26, 2013
UPS says the volume of packages exceeded its capacity and many customers didn't receive their deliveries on time. This month marks the third anniversary of the Arab Spring. And, as drivers increasingly take them off the putting green, sales of golf carts are expected to grow to $682 million this year.

PODCAST: Big data meets big sickness

Dec 25, 2013
Companies who want to make sure their products are in the right place at the right time to capitalize off of flu season are turning to social media. And, there’s a benefit to charitable giving beyond the warm and fuzzy holiday spirit -- such donations can shave a bit off the year’s tax bill.



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