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PODCAST: Expensive scallops

Jan 7, 2015
Community bankers in the fed, payday loan regulations, and expensive Maine scallops.

PODCAST: A more secure smartphone

Jan 6, 2015
The effects of cheap oil, the Keystone pipeline, and building a secure smartphone.

PODCAST: Popular polar bears

Jan 5, 2015
Euros, interest rates, and polar bears.

PODCAST: Maybe don't hit the gym

Jan 2, 2015
Foreign currency shifts, ads before "I Have a Dream," and broken new year's resolutions.

PODCAST: Federal contractors get a raise

Jan 1, 2015
Plus: the "Internet of things" at CES and a look ahead at 2015's big tech stories.

PODCAST: AirTran gets grounded

Dec 31, 2014
Interest rates for 2015, Uber's big night, and AirTran gets grounded.

PODCAST: Consumer confidence trending upwards

Dec 30, 2014
The state of the markets, consumer confidence, and manufacturing in the U.S.

PODCAST: Walgreens goes global

Dec 29, 2014
As Walgreens preps for a big merger, we look ahead to the economics of 2015.

PODCAST: How the hacker stole Christmas

Dec 26, 2014
Video gamers can't connect, a look at trade policy in 2015 and life in coach.
Sphinx Cat

PODCAST: Cat cafe

Dec 25, 2014
The energy sector reacts to oil prices, Detroit real estate rebounds, and cat cafe.



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