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PODCAST: Shark fight, inflation lite

Mar 14, 2013
Samsung looks to challenge Apple's cool-factor. Prices are up, should we be worried about inflation? And, new restrictions on shark fishing.

PODCAST: Retail sales grow, cybersecurity limbo

Mar 13, 2013
Retail sales sprout a surprise bump. Zara-owner Inditex turns fast-fashion into big profits. And President Obama enlists corporate CEO's to help protect against hacking.

PODCAST: Mega commuter, budget suitor

Mar 12, 2013
Washington kicks off a big budget week, but will the stalemate break? The cost of recusals at the SEC. And attack of the mega-commuters.

PODCAST: Whole Foods GMO, 'Patch' day tomorrow

Mar 11, 2013
Get ready for Patch Tuesday, a new software holiday of sorts from Microsoft. Japan marks two year anniversary of the tsunami. And Whole Foods plans to label all genetically modified foods in its stores by 2018.

PODCAST: Jobs bloom, local farms struggle to get startup vroom

Mar 8, 2013
Global stocks reach a five-year high while U.S. unemployment falls to a four-year low. And, while more consumers want to buy food from small, local farms, those types of growers are having a hard time getting start-up money.

PODCAST: NYSE on top, Nasdaq what's up?

Mar 7, 2013
The Dow stayed in record territory this morning after strong jobs data from the Labor Department. As home prices rise, construction and building supply chains do to. And, is the Nasdaq feeling left out?

PODCAST: Record Dow, Subway card cash cow?

Mar 5, 2013
Governor of Virginia Bob McDonnell shares his expectations for the months ahead as the sequester takes effect. What's got the Dow into record territory? And lost your Metrocard? That'll cost you a dollar.

PODCAST: Goodbye PT Cruiser, hello internship

Mar 4, 2013
BP's chances for settlement get narrower. Rest in peace PT Cruiser. And how important are internships when it comes to scoring your first job?

PODCAST: Sequester bright side, Groupon CEO tossed aside

Mar 1, 2013
The good and the bad of the sequester. Groupon's founder and CEO is not the first to get ousted from his own company. And India looks to set up a women only bank.

PODCAST: Grassley on sequester 'done deal', J.C. Penney earnings reveal

Feb 28, 2013
Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA_ talks sequester standoff, J.C. Penney's sales plunge, and Japan's Prime Minister calls for idled nuclear plants to come back online.


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