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PODCAST: Paywalls, not all they're cracked up to be?

Jun 12, 2013
Grading newspaper paywalls. What's a company to do when the government requests its data? And tips to protect yourself from life insurance fraud.

PODCAST: The $38 latte strikes again

Jun 11, 2013
The $38 latte strikes again. The meaning of means testing for farmers. And the problem on focusing on shareholder value.

PODCAST: Amped up border patrol, higher ed degree control

Jun 10, 2013
Keeping up with the Joneses. Measuring the ROI on your advanced degree. And the latest on immigration reform.

PODCAST: Phone records, emails, text messages? Oh my

Jun 7, 2013
Jobs report is same old, same old, but consumer confidence is up. Qatar draws is foreign spending spree to a close. And is the government tracking text messages? Should they?

PODCAST: Fed dread, phone drone

Jun 6, 2013
Breaking down 'Fed Dread.' And catching up on the scoop of the day: Government surveillance of phone records.

PODCAST: Drugs, magazines, and bonds

Jun 5, 2013
Can a fallen drug be resurrected? The housing market is up and so are home decor magazines. And rising interest rates are challenging the old adage that bonds and bond funds are always a safe bet.

PODCAST: The good, the bad...and the good

Jun 4, 2013
Bad news is good news for the markets. Would-be first-time homebuyers delay their purchase. And New York introduces new rating systems for teachers.

PODCAST: Apple in court, Doctor MBA's

Jun 3, 2013
Apple goes to court over alleged e-book price fixing. Doctors seeks MBA's to grapple with health care reform. And alternative energies heat up in Africa.

PODCAST: Concert cash, Banking cache

May 31, 2013
Summer concert season kicks off and that means dollar signs for music industry. And is there such a thing as banking in the public interest?

PODCAST: A 1.5 trillion calorie diet

May 30, 2013
1.5 trillion calories disappear. Latin American art rakes in millions at auction. And Newsweek is on the auction block again.


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During our week in London broadcasting from the BBC, David Brancaccio and the Morning Report team will explore the growing income inequality in the U.K. in general, and in London in particular. The numbers are pretty staggering… the five wealthiest people in the U.K. have more money than the poorest 20 percent. The average salary is $44,000 while the wealthy elite are seeing their salaries grow by an average of $40,000 a year. Inequality is costing the U.K. more than $60 billion dollars a year. By 2020, an estimated 800,000 children will be living below the poverty line.