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PODCAST: Beers and board games

May 26, 2015
An Apple promotion, a "Democratic Socialist" campaign, and a pub for gamers.

PODCAST: Show me the money, airlines

May 25, 2015
Asian markets stay open, cheap fuel but not flights, and inventing a smart smoker.

PODCAST: Disappearing grocery stores

May 22, 2015
Interest rates, the 'leap second,' and disappearing grocery stores in Flint, MI.
A Wall Street road sign is pictured near the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) building in New York.

PODCAST: New York as a lesson in economics

May 21, 2015
The gap between rich and poor, and lessons learned in New York City.

PODCAST: Skin in the game

May 20, 2015
Wall Street eyes the fed, colleges may have to pay up for defaulted loans, and the costs of investing in a hedge fund.

PODCAST: American cars in Russia

May 19, 2015
401(k)s, the Congressional Budget Office, and the American car industry in Russia.
Pecan pie

PODCAST: Good news for the Georgia pecan

May 18, 2015
Counterfeit goods, Calpers sells timberland, and why drought is good for Georgia.
Hurricane Sandy

PODCAST: Rethinking flood protection

May 15, 2015
Netflix in China, consumer sentiment, and flood protection.

PODCAST: Mad Men ends

May 14, 2015
College enrollment, responsible banking, and Mad Men ends.
The Uber app is seen on a smartphone.

PODCAST: Uber loans

May 13, 2015
Retail sales remain flat, Facebook gets into publishing, and Uber drivers get loans.


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