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PODCAST: Breaking the Google Glass

Jan 16, 2015
Travel to Cuba, the end of Google Glass, and digging for sand in the midwest.

PODCAST: The Franc and the Euro

Jan 15, 2015
Target gets out of Canada, the Swiss get out of the euro, and VW's award winning car.

PODCAST: A bittersweet future for chocolate

Jan 14, 2015
Retail sales down, rethinking college sports, and a shortage of chocolate

PODCAST: Lithuania adopts the euro

Jan 13, 2015
A big couple of days for pharmaceutical buy-outs, and Lithuania joins the EU.

PODCAST: Golf greens go green

Jan 12, 2015
Autos in 2015, an exciting game with a boring name, and converted golf courses.
A woman uses the iPhone application Spotify to stream music.

PODCAST: Cellphones in schools

Jan 9, 2015
The December jobs report, cell phones in NYC schools, and a wrap up of CES for 2015.

PODCAST: Opening borders to doctors

Jan 8, 2015
The winners and losers of oil prices, health insurance premiums, and opening borders to foreign doctors.

PODCAST: Expensive scallops

Jan 7, 2015
Community bankers in the fed, payday loan regulations, and expensive Maine scallops.

PODCAST: A more secure smartphone

Jan 6, 2015
The effects of cheap oil, the Keystone pipeline, and building a secure smartphone.

PODCAST: Popular polar bears

Jan 5, 2015
Euros, interest rates, and polar bears.



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