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PODCAST: Taking a mental health day

Oct 10, 2014
World economies, mental health days, and Bolivia's elections.

PODCAST: Like cars? Head to Paris

Oct 9, 2014
The Gap falls into the gap, President Obama as fundraiser, and the Paris Motor Show.

PODCAST: Laying transatlantic sea cables

Oct 8, 2014
Paid screenings, student loans, and laying transatlantic sea cables
LinkedIn logo

PODCAST: LinkedIn goes to college

Oct 7, 2014
Collusion on wall street, LinkedIn ranks colleges, and sponsored festivals in India.

PODCAST: William Dudley on regulation and interest rates

Oct 6, 2014
A conversation with William Dudley, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

PODCAST: Planes, trains, and billionaires

Oct 3, 2014
The jobs report for September, the economy of Brazil, and Canada's railways.

PODCAST: Nosy apps

Oct 2, 2014
A preview of the Jobs Report for September, a new title for Brian Moynihan and apps get nosy.

PODCAST: Taking attendance to get funding

Oct 1, 2014
Ebola in the U.S., Colorado students get counted and signs of life at Jaguar.

PODCAST: Think of it as a conscious uncoupling

Sep 30, 2014
PayPal and eBay split, a change in health care payment and impact investing.

PODCAST: The strength of the Indian-American community

Sep 29, 2014
AIG goes to trial, Narendra Modi visits the U.S. and food gets VC funding.



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