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PODCAST: Greek and Spanish protests, 3-D printing buzz

Sep 26, 2012
More protests are expected in Spain today after some big demonstrations last night. There's outrage over a new round of budget cuts as Spain tries to avoid becoming the next Greece. New home sales in the U.S. fell in August. A new study finds that total knee replacements have more than doubled in the past two decades. What does that mean for health care costs? Plus, stories on wind farms in Oregon, 3-D printing retailers, and the controversial NFL call that led to a loss for the Green Bay Packers.

PODCAST: Consumer confidence, health care spending jump up

Sep 25, 2012
Health care spending grew more than 4 percent last year. Workers at Yahoo! are expecting to hear from the company's new CEO today on her plans to jump-start growth. A dispute between China and Japan over a chain of islands could have a real impact on the U.S. economy because Japan is expected to switch focus from a free-trade pact with China to a new one with the United States. And if you're trying to get ahead in this economy, there's some age-old wisdom that would seem to apply -- play up your accomplishments. Seems obvious, but maybe that's in fact not your best plan of attack.

PODCAST: Changes in Iran, a big flush in Zimbabwe

Sep 24, 2012
The company that makes Apple's iPhones and iPads in China has shut down one of its factories following a riot by workers. Thousands of people were involved in a fight at a Foxconn factory in Northern China last night. A new survey from Bankrate.com finds that it'll now cost you an average of $4 to withdraw money from an ATM that is not associated with your bank. And we all know dogs have a great sense of smell. Some dogs also have an uncanny ability to detect drops in blood sugar, even before their diabetic owners pick up on it. These Diabetic Alert Dogs are going for as much $20,000.

PODCAST: iPhone 5 gets released, Endeavour finds a home

Sep 21, 2012
Well the big news from the tech world this morning is of course the launch of Apple's iPhone 5, which goes on sale around the world today. There's also some news about a device that is being taken off the shelves: Walmart will no longer sell the Amazon Kindle. European leaders are meeting in Rome today. The continent has been in a state of relative calm for a couple of weeks, so what are those troubled nation's talking about today? And new Census figures show good news and bad news for the state of California.

PODCAST: Layoffs at BofA, protests in India

Sep 20, 2012
The U.S. seafood catch hit a 17-year high last year, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which has just come out with its annual report. When we think of foods that are safe to eat, rice is certainly up there. But Consumer Reports has just recommended that we limit our rice consumption. That's after tests found arsenic in over 60 rice products. And this week, Russian state media announced the existence of a 62-mile-wide diamond deposit in Eastern Siberia. But the big players in the diamond business aren't all that impressed.

PODCAST: Teachers' strike ends, housing market looks hopeful

Sep 19, 2012
About 350,000 students in Chicago will be back in the classroom this morning. The oil and gas company Anschutz is planning to sell its sports and entertainment operation called AEG, which is about the biggest name in Los Angeles sports, with the possible exception of Kobe Bryant. AEG could fetch several billion dollars. And the National Association of Home Builders says builder sentiment is at the highest level in six years -- so what if you want to get into the housing market right now?

PODCAST: Romney's '47 percent' and oil prices

Sep 18, 2012
Mitt Romney said 47 percent of Americans pay no income taxes. What are the numbers behind that comment? We take a look at what's going on with oil prices, why sales of Apple's iPhone 5 may help shipping companies, and explore the reasons behind the rise in transit ridership. Plus, researchers have found that there are more jobs than expected that pay between $35,000 and $72,000 without a university degree.

PODCAST: Occupy a year later, China trade dispute

Sep 17, 2012
A year after protesters descended upon Zuccotti Park to call for financial reform, we look at the legacy of Occupy Wall Street. The Obama administration plans to launch a new trade complaint against China, arguing that it unfairly subsidizes exports of car parts. Plus, China may spend $15 billion buying a bank in Europe, GM wants the government to sell its remaining shares in the automaker, and the teacher's strike continues in Chicago.

PODCAST: Ripples from QE3

Sep 14, 2012
Yesterday Federal Reserve Chief Ben Bernanke laid out the Fed's new economic stimulus plan. It's round 3 of so-called quantitative easing, and the Fed will buy $40 billion worth of mortgage-backed securities every month. A year ago Monday, a group kicked off what would become the gphenomenon of Occupy Wall Street. Occupy raised a surprising pile of money -- but how was it spent? And it used to be, if you ordered something off the Internet, you didn't have to pay state sales tax. But now Amazon is now charging sales tax in a growing number of states; California goes on that list this weekend.

PODCAST: The coming of QE3

Sep 13, 2012
The Federal Reserve wraps up its two day policy meeting today. It's expected to announce whether it will pump more stimulus money into the U.S. economy. That would make a third round of so-called "quantitative easing." Directors at Ford Motor Company are meeting today. There's word the agenda could include the first step toward a change in management at the company. And in case you missed the big launch, Apple's iPhone 5 was unveiled last night. Fifty million iPhone 5s could get snapped up by the end of the year. And each one is a potential cash cow for the wireless carrier the iPhone customer chooses.



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