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PODCAST: Elysian Fields

Aug 18, 2015
China's markets, viagra for women, and a check-in on Elysian Fields in New Orleans.
 Boxes move along a conveyor belt at an Amazon fulfillment center in Tracy, California.

PODCAST: Amazonians

Aug 17, 2015
An update on the markets, skyrocketing live music revenue, and the brutal work culture accounts at Amazon.

PODCAST: Infrastructure in Cuba

Aug 14, 2015
Chinese currency, Cuban infrastructure, and gentrification.

PODCAST: Fore! Look out for that drone!

Aug 13, 2015
China's currency, high-tech golf, and Social Security turns 80.
Doctors are using the Figure 1 app to share and view medical images, many with the aim of learning about medical conditions.

PODCAST: Molecular wellness

Aug 12, 2015
China's devaluation of its currency, and advocating for wellness that starts at the molecular level.
An illustration of Chinese currency issued by the People's Bank of China.

PODCAST: The devaluation heard around the world

Aug 11, 2015
China's devaluation, an alleged international hacking.

PODCAST: Warren Buffet's big purchase

Aug 10, 2015
Warren Buffet's big buy, back-to-school tax breaks, and supply and demand in the housing market.

PODCAST: Going Indie for summer

Aug 7, 2015
Jobs for July, and the summer of Indie films.

PODCAST: Cleveland rocks

Aug 6, 2015
An update from Greece, and a check in on two major cities preparing for political conventions.

PODCAST: What's your luxury baggage?

Aug 5, 2015
A slightly weak jobs report, luxury handbags, and an expanded canal in Egypt.



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