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PODCAST: Consumers spending, an international Internet agreement

Dec 14, 2012
U.S. Inflation: Wrapped up tight -- with a bow on top. We'll talk falling consumer prices, and find out why the US and its allies want nothing to do with a new international treaty to regulate the Internet. We'll also hit on the long-lost proposal to call up a U.S. National Guard of Geeks, and get the story behind what I think is one of the best company names I've ever heard: Jewpon.

PODCAST: 'One bank to rule them all' and the Pope tweets

Dec 13, 2012
The first real look at holiday retail sales. In Europe today: 'One bank to rule them all' -- a big step closer to a banking union. Google Maps is back for iPhone -- could this actually be good for Apple? And speaking of Apple, what happens when you give an iPad to the Pope?

PODCAST: What's next for right-to-work, buying your own island

Dec 12, 2012
What's next for right-to-work: We'll look ahead after the big vote in Michigan, talk about the economics of the North Korean missile launch, and talk with the author of Encyclopedia Paranoica -- a big fat book of all the horrible threats under which we somehow continue to live our lives.

PODCAST: Right-to-work in Michigan, Santa's political party

Dec 11, 2012
The "right to work" battle is raging in Michigan; A huge penalty for a money-laundering bank; The IMF delays a big bunch of money that was headed for Egypt. And what's the difference between $10 and $15 an hour? Bigger than you might think.

PODCAST: Italy in turmoil, U.S. on the cliff

Dec 10, 2012
You probably thought we forgot about Italy, what with all this business about Greece and Spain, but Italy is back this morning. Plus we've got a veritable cornucopia of important Democrats talking about the fiscal cliff -- by which I mean two. Republicans, you can return our calls any time. And Santa, if you're listening -- best keep your hatred of the Toronto Maple Leafs to yourself.

PODCAST: Google, Googlare, Googlizni, let's call the whole thing off

Dec 7, 2012
Michigan advances 'right-to-work' laws. Another earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Companies may be able to squeeze more productivity out of their workers by opening up shared office spaces. And, how do you say Google in Swedish?

PODCAST: Exporting gas, cars, and jobless claims

Dec 6, 2012
Jobless claims are down and the reason may be a bit unusual. Is the world ready for American energy? What do American's want out of the fiscal cliff negotiations? GM now sells more cars in China than it does in the U.S. -- now its looking to grow in Southeast Asia. And don't have a job? Here's a plane ticket out of the country.

PODCAST: Disney deals with Netflix, Citigroup slims down

Dec 5, 2012
Netflix and Disney -- is this the most magical match on earth? We'll also talk about Citigroup: Shrinking to suit the times. Working out the skills mismatch between future workers and the companies that need them. The plan to use hedge funds to pay more to Nobel prize winners. And the U.S government tries to make you feel better about both the zombie apocalypse and that other one that happens in 16 days.

PODCAST: High frequency trading, shooting film faster

Dec 4, 2012
Are high speed computer traders costing you, me, mom and pop investor -- money? Also: is a renewable energy boom on the way in Africa. And the new movie technology being rolled out next week with the hobbit -- why you might love or hate it.

PODCAST: Shake ups in air travel, Happy Birthday Texting

Dec 3, 2012
Today, a look at the next wave of fees airlines have up their sleeves. Plus, HBD -- that's "happy birthday" -- to text messaging, turning 20 today.



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