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PODCAST: To bartenders, you are what you sip.

Jan 11, 2013
Boeing is having a Dickens of a time with their newest plane. A new study reports on the disappointment of electronic bank records. A creative plan to save the local movie theater, and one last limerick before you head off to the bar.

PODCAST: New mortgage guidelines

Jan 10, 2013
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is rolling out new guidelines for U.S. mortgages. A new study finds that we waste half of the 4 billion tons of food produced annually for human consumption. And HUD cannot afford to fix its public housing, so the government wants to reclassify the properties as Section 8.

PODCAST: Smile! You're at Disneyland

Jan 9, 2013
What's behind the double-digit health insurance premium increases some folks are seeing around the country? Driverless cars debut at the Consumer Electrics show. And, smile! You're at Disneyland.

PODCAST: Ringing in earnings season and Gotham Garage

Jan 8, 2013
Alcoa, the first of the big industrial bellwethers, will report earnings after the bell today. Who owns the rights to the Batmobile? Speaking of cars, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration wants some cars to make more noise. Crowds in China are in an open revolt against government censorship of a publication called Southern Weekly. And advertisers are learning to cope with the DVR.

PODCAST: A big tuna and two big bank settlements

Jan 7, 2013
Two big mortgage-related settlements to fill you in on, plus who sports the worst bruises from the hockey lockout, happy birthday No Child Left Behind, and a big, fat, expensive fish.

PODCAST: The man in the solid gold shirt

Jan 4, 2013
What does the president's top economist on the labor market have to say about today's jobs report? What's next for Google after an antitrust victory. Colorado and Washington, get ready to unleash the pot business. And the great Bicholim war of 1640 -- turns out it never happened.

PODCAST: Spam spreads its wings, and 228 'boosts of goodness'

Jan 3, 2013
New data on auto sales shows bumper year for big three carmarkers. The cost delaying federal Superstorm Sandy relief. Al Jazeera is buying Current TV. And a company known for canned meat is spreading its wings.

PODCAST: Paycheck expectations, A seeing-eye cat?

Jan 2, 2013
Your next paycheck could be a bit of a shocker, and we'll tell you why. In corporate news, Avis is buying Zipcar. And is the company Herbalife nothing more than a giant pyramid scheme? Some people think so.

PODCAST: New Year, new deal

Jan 1, 2013
We've got some good analysis on this evolving deal and some informed prognoses on where we go from here, from a couple of heavy-hitting economists of both parties. Then we'll pivot to another controversial topic: Obamacare... And see how one of the most progressive states is doing at setting up its insurance exchange.

PODCAST: Can you temporarily jump off a cliff?

Dec 31, 2012
Amidst the fiscal cliff festivities, we'll hear about one part of the government that is making money -- and a lot of it. We'll also talk about record profits at OPEC. And in California, prospective bosses can no longer make you log them into your Facebook account.



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