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PODCAST: Economic recovery for the long haul, J.C. Penney CEO fall

Apr 9, 2013
A check in on corporate America. Former Bush adviser Glenn Hubbard talks entitlement reforms, and how to make them fair. And, were ousted J.C. Penney Ron Johnson's ideas so bad?

PODCAST: The legacy of Margaret Thatcher, a growing salary gap

Apr 8, 2013
A look back at Margaret Thatcher's economic legacy. A new report sheds light on the growing gap between private and public university salaries. And happy Q2 earnings season!

PODCAST: Jobs, jobs, jobs, and more jobs?

Apr 5, 2013
The unemployment rate fell in March, but is that a good thing? For many, long-term unemployment gets longer. And Larry Summers tells us what's ahead for the economy.

PODCAST: Japan's bond buy, Newark school ties

Apr 4, 2013
Japan central bank hopes a bold bond buy will solve an old problem. The high costs of Dementia are rising. And what is Mark Zuckerberg's donation to Newark public schools doing?

PODCAST: SEC 'likes' Facebook, Bitcoin's a currency rook

Apr 3, 2013
The SEC gives a thumbs up to social media, Bitcoin continues to spike in the wake of the crisis in Cyprus, and Monsanto targets Latin American agriculture.

PODCAST: Carmakers kick it up, H1-B visa snapped up

Apr 2, 2013
Carmakers kick it into high gear in March. The sequester hits, but unevenly. And H1-B visa are a hot ticket item this week.

PODCAST: Roller coaster give away, Novartis drug dismay

Apr 1, 2013
The resilient American consumer takes February. India's Supreme Court rejects a Novartis drug patent. And can you donate a roller coaster to charity?

PODCAST: Downdraft tower, 'Today' show power

Mar 29, 2013
Turmoil at 'Today' show could spell big trouble for NBC. America's tallest structure could generate clean energy.

PODCAST: Is BlackBerry back? A euro crack?

Mar 28, 2013
BlackBerry is back in the black. Banks in Cyprus re-open today to long lines and eager customers. And President Obama meets with leaders of four African countries.

PODCAST: Golden Gate goes digital, Rhode Island's cynical

Mar 27, 2013
Electronic tolls at the Golden Gate Bridge. Three reasons why Rhode Island's economy is down. And will Boeing or Airbus come out on top in the US Airways-American merger?



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