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PODCAST: The apple falls from the tree, Germany agrees

Apr 18, 2013
Chinese consumers turn to imported foods. What's up with Apple's stock slide? And Germany approves a $13 billion bailout for Cyprus.

PODCAST: Gold prices, deflation, and your wallet

Apr 17, 2013
Gold prices, deflation, and your wallet. The state of global clean energy. And who needs consumer demand to make money anyway?

PODCAST: Boston officials urge public to submit photos, video

Apr 16, 2013
Boston authorities investigate the bombing at yesterday's Marathon. The sequester could push some renters out of Section 8 housing. And has Marissa Mayer's acquire-to-hire strategy worked out for Yahoo?

PODCAST: Google field trip, Dish Sprint bid

Apr 15, 2013
Dish TV Network sets its sights on mobile with a $25 billion bid. It's no surprise that Google is expanding, and one place where they are growing fast is New York City.

PODCAST: Hey Mickey! Bank earnings are pretty!

Apr 12, 2013
Can we stop worrying about the health of the financial system? Long-term auto loans, good or bad deal? And a look back at Disney's hand animation movies.

PODCAST: Water war, Biotech industry core

Apr 11, 2013
Water wars heat up in New Mexico. CEO of Biogen Idec discusses high drug costs, a new drug for multiple sclerosis and what's up with pharmaceutical drug names.

PODCAST: Airbus comes to America, Maine lobster looks for a boost

Apr 10, 2013
Maine lobster could get a marketing boost. Washington moves towards austerity. CEO of Airbus Fabrice Bregier shares his company's plans for the future and taking on the U.S. market.

PODCAST: Economic recovery for the long haul, J.C. Penney CEO fall

Apr 9, 2013
A check in on corporate America. Former Bush adviser Glenn Hubbard talks entitlement reforms, and how to make them fair. And, were ousted J.C. Penney Ron Johnson's ideas so bad?

PODCAST: The legacy of Margaret Thatcher, a growing salary gap

Apr 8, 2013
A look back at Margaret Thatcher's economic legacy. A new report sheds light on the growing gap between private and public university salaries. And happy Q2 earnings season!

PODCAST: Jobs, jobs, jobs, and more jobs?

Apr 5, 2013
The unemployment rate fell in March, but is that a good thing? For many, long-term unemployment gets longer. And Larry Summers tells us what's ahead for the economy.



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