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PODCAST: iBoat and Sandy moves ashore

Oct 29, 2012
Happy 20th birthday to NAFTA. As Sandy moves ashore, witness the shutdown before the storm. New York City shuts down markets as the city begins to take on water.

PODCAST: Meatloaf and new beetles invasion

Oct 26, 2012
The riddle of third-quarter GDP: Consumers consuming, but business ain't booming. China's reaction to a New York Times expose on the country's leader. A new beetles invasion -- this time, the main casualty is not wilting teenage girls, it's Canadian lumber and cost of building U.S. homes.

PODCAST: Protest mail, air travel gale

Oct 25, 2012
A new report that suggests the U.S. might not be spending enough money on the right airports. New data on durable goods, jobless claims, and pending home sales are out this morning. And, why people around the world are putting their toenails in the mail.

PODCAST: Cheerios, M&M's, Fox News, oh my!

Oct 24, 2012
Los Angeles is one of many cities to offer tax breaks and financial incentives to attract new businesses. Manufacturing activity in October rises to a three month high and China eclipses the U.S. in foreign direct investment.

PODCAST: What's in a name, Blue Ivy and the Weather Channel

Oct 23, 2012
The littler iPad -- a little late to the party -- not Apple's usual timing. A breakdown of all the China-talk from last night's debate, and are businesses that took stimulus money now supporting politicians against the program?

PODCAST: Too big to fail or too big to succeed?

Oct 22, 2012
There will be a lot of focus on who wins and loses tonight's final presidential debate, but there's sure to be one loser: China. Also get ready for Windows 8, and will changing CEOs really fix what's wrong at Citigroup?

PODCAST: The biggest oil company ever, Microsoft has tablet fever

Oct 19, 2012
Target broke ground on a new Chicago location this week at the site of the city's former Cabrini-Green housing project. The very wealthy have access to lots of things most of us don't, but what about when it's a matter or life or death?

PODCAST: Newsweek leaves the newsstand and barley gets decoded

Oct 18, 2012
No more Newsweek on the newsstand. Is China is deliberately slowing its own economy. U.S. students are carrying record student loan debt, and the risks and promises of Nissan routing your cars steering wheel through its computer.

PODCAST: McDonald's gets the boot, housing starts hit a new roof

Oct 17, 2012
Lance Armstrong hits the end of the road at Nike. The new "Suddenly CEO" at Citigroup. Gallup's take on last night's debate. The biggest for-profit college in the country, the University of Phoenix, is about to close half of its locations.

PODCAST: PhD's dance, Medicare gets a checkup

Oct 16, 2012
A sudden withdrawal from Citigroup -- CEO Vikram Pandit is stepping down. Later this week China puts out its GDP growth for the latest quarter. It now looks like growth in China will be even slower than officials expected. What would it be like if Medicare went in for a check-up?


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