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PODCAST: JPMorgan to settle with SEC over 'London Whale'

Aug 9, 2013
JPMorgan is likely to settle with the SEC, but the Whale himself won't be facing any criminal charges -- for now. The Apple-Samsung patent case in front of an appeals court on Friday differs from the Apple-Samsung patent dispute before the U.S. International Trade Commission. And, the sequester will cut K-12 school programs like special education and English-as-a-second-language.

PODCAST: Where the federal government and drug cartels see eye to eye

Aug 8, 2013
Jobless claims hit lowest level since 2007. Yahoo is rolling out new branding ideas in the days leading up to a new logo launch next month. And, you know who doesn't like legalized weed? The drug cartels. And the federal government.

PODCAST: After BP spill, Transocean still going strong

Aug 7, 2013
Freddie Mac just posted its second largest profit in history. The offshore-drilling giant Transocean is tied in with BP in the public imagination because of its involvement in the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe but is stronger than ever today. And, with limited maternity leave, many teachers try to have their babies during the summer break.

PODCAST: What does Jeff Bezos see in The Washington Post?

Aug 6, 2013
After a long winning streak, the price of gold has been going down. Why would an internet mogul like Jeff Bezos buy a fading journalistic institution like The Washington Post? And, when it comes to cars, there are brands for rich people and there are cars for people of more modest means. But just as many people at the bottom of the income ladder buy Jeeps as people at the top.

PODCAST: Is the economy recovering, or what?

Aug 5, 2013
A lot of new data point to a steady, but unclear future for the economy. Walgreens and CVS both announce earnings this week. Company results will reflect the run-up to Obamacare. And, there's a proposal in Congress to let the taxpayer-backed mortgage giants die, and Marketplace's economics guy says we should all get behind it.

PODCAST: Part-time plus part-time equals what?

Aug 2, 2013
The latest jobs numbers are a disappointment. And in Camden, NJ, one small doctor's office tries to make a big gain in holding down costs by moving closer to the sickest seniors.

PODCAST: When Silicon Valley was nature valley

Aug 1, 2013
The long history of Silicon Valley and the government. And hows the jobs market doing?

PODCAST: Smartphone killed the navigation star, is that how that song goes?

Jul 31, 2013
The smartphone killed the camera. Is the GPS unit next? Senator Angus King of Maine tells us why wants to make banking boring again. And the latest GDP numbers.

PODCAST: Mayor Bloomberg to New Yorkers: Take a hike!

Jul 30, 2013
Are Apple's critics accurate? New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg advocates for stairs. And what to expect from this week's GDP revision.

PODCAST: Cost-benefit, monster ad outfit

Jul 29, 2013
Omnicom and Publicis go big to go small, digitally. Want better government? Try cost-benefit analysis. And are the Federal Reserve's monetary policies putting the country at risk for inflation?



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