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PODCAST: Twitter goes public

Nov 7, 2013
If you want to get in on Twitter's IPO today, you probably can't. Can Groupon turn things around? And, an advocacy group says the country need to address racial inequality if we really want the economy to grow.

PODCAST: Twitter prepares to go public

Nov 6, 2013
When a tech company like Twitter goes public, the pressure is on to make money and lots of ideas get tried out. Also, as Twitter prepares to go public, it sets a new target for its stock price.

PODCAST: Johnson & Johnson to pay $2.2 billion settlement

Nov 5, 2013
In one of the biggest cases of health care fraud ever, J&J is being fined for improperly marketing a drug for treating schizophrenia. When a country doesn't like what the world thinks of it, it turns to the same branding consultants as big companies. And, why Activision is spending millions to market the new "Call of Duty" game.

PODCAST: SAC Capital pleads guilty to insider trading

Nov 4, 2013
SAC Capital has agreed to plead guilty to insider trading and will pay a record $1.2 billion fine. Colorado voters are considering a state measure that would increase state income taxes to fund a significant overhaul of public school financing system. And, a look at supercapacitors.

PODCAST: Food stamp recipients living with less

Nov 1, 2013
Starting today, Americans will get less in foods stamp assistance. We talk to one of them. And, the FAA needs to give airline-by-airline approval before you can play "Angry Birds" during takeoff.

PODCAST: 'I see dead people' is bad for a house's value

Oct 31, 2013
Economists are worried about consumers' moods as we head toward the end of the year. Georgia Tech was the first elite university to offer an online degree program and now it’s putting together its first class. And, want to know who died in your house? Now there's a website where you can find out.

PODCAST: Obamacare will force some to switch insurance

Oct 30, 2013
2 to 3 percent of people who currently purchase their own insurance will need to switch to a new plan. Edward Snowden’s former employer, Booz Allen Hamilton, announces earnings. Did it feel a Snowden penalty? And, Cuba is shutting down 20,000 businesses that sell clothing.

PODCAST: The high price of cocoa

Oct 29, 2013
Outsourcing giant Infosys faces a record immigration fine over worker visas. Southern Airways Express flies small planes out of small airports, a no-hassle alternative to driving a few hundred miles. And, cocoa prices are near record highs, as farmers who have switched to more lucrative crops have driven down supply.

PODCAST: A neighborhood lost to Sandy

Oct 28, 2013
One year after Hurricane Sandy, a Staten Island neighborhood is lost forever. And, India wants more foreign banks to lend in rural areas. But will the new rules appeal to the banks?

PODCAST: Samsung makes record profits, but it's still Apple's world

Oct 25, 2013
A little good news on the economic front. Maybe. Maybe? No matter how many handsets Samsung sells, Apple may always dominate the conversation. And, the number of Vermont microbreweries has doubled in the last five years. There are now 32 craft breweries, and several more are being planned.



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