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PODCAST: Supreme Court will weigh in if EPA can enforce air quality standards

Dec 9, 2013
Some governors asked the EPA to rein in polluting states, and EPA is asking the Supreme Court for permission. Think of the U.S. Congress as a procrastinating undergrad, prone to sleeping in. Lawmakers don’t hesitate to hit the “snooze button.” And, the black bear population has grown so large in the state that it ended a hunting ban a few years ago.

PODCAST: Unemployment at 7 percent for the first time since 2008

Dec 6, 2013
The unemployment rate hit a 5-year low, with 203,000 jobs added in November. And, a look at how divestment helped stop apartheid in South Africa.

PODCAST: Fast food workers on strike for better wages

Dec 5, 2013
Fast food workers across America are striking today, asking for $15 an hour. More dry counties have been phasing out Prohibition-era laws, in part to attract more businesses. And, the GDP doesn’t count volunteer work at all, and that includes unpaid care-giving for a sick loved one. But with such high costs for elderly home care, there’s often no alternative

PODCAST: The Volcker Rule: What's that again?

Dec 4, 2013
Regulators have announced that, after years of wrangling, they are finally set to finalize the details of the so-called Volcker Rule. If you’re between the ages of 62 and 70, you’re eligible for Social Security. But when should you take it? And, for one day, Emerson College's communication school will be renamed the Ron Burgundy School of Communication.

PODCAST: Consumers fight back in shopping

Dec 3, 2013
Stores are counting receipts from the four-day shop-o-rama.
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PODCAST: Healthcare.gov is fixed for consumers, but what about insurers?

Dec 2, 2013
The claim is that healthcare.gov is fixed to the point that it works for 9 out 10 consumers. The 30-year fixed-rate is a popular mortgage, but is it here to stay?

PODCAST: Heathcare.gov is supposed to work by tomorrow

Nov 29, 2013
The White House's self-imposed deadline for healthcare.gov to be "working smoothly" for the "vast majority of users" is Saturday. Australia has rejected a $2.6 billion bid by Archer Daniels Midland -- to buy one of Australia’s largest grain companies. And, Globalist Quiz time.

PODCAST: Why are retailers worried this holiday season?

Nov 28, 2013
We have one of the shortest holiday shopping seasons upon us. Retailers couldn't be more worried. And a look at two people who are working this Thanksgiving day.

PODCAST: Why is it so hard to save?

Nov 27, 2013
The U.S. government has announced a $253 million fine against Weatherford. This time of year, some lenders send out offers to let you "skip a payment." And, when 40 percent of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, you have to wonder why saving money is so difficult.

PODCAST: 23andMe might not be all it says it's cracked up to be

Nov 26, 2013
The FDA has ordered 23andMe to stop selling DNA test kits. What is Katie Couric thinking leaving ABC for Yahoo? And, in Indonesia, authorities are getting ready to introduce the world's biggest universal health care program.



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