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PODCAST: 23andMe might not be all it says it's cracked up to be

Nov 26, 2013
The FDA has ordered 23andMe to stop selling DNA test kits. What is Katie Couric thinking leaving ABC for Yahoo? And, in Indonesia, authorities are getting ready to introduce the world's biggest universal health care program.

PODCAST: Will international businesses cash in on easing of Iran sanctions?

Nov 25, 2013
Europe's automotive industry and others may benefit from lifted sanctions on Iran. Restaurant profit margins are slim, only around 3-5 percent. So more restaurant chains are starting to make home deliveries. And, One Direction's new album was topping the charts before it was even released.

PODCAST: The story of your meat, right on the label

Nov 22, 2013
Is a Dow at 16,000 high enough for now? The Federal Communications Commission is moving toward lifting a long-standing ban on cell phone calls in-flight. It would permit calls once a plane reaches 10,000 feet. And, new rules say that meat must be labeled with where the animal it came from was born, raised, and slaughtered.

PODCAST: White House won't let Fannie and Freddie be sold back to investors

Nov 21, 2013
The White House is throwing cold water on a private investment group’s proposal to recapitalize Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. At auction tonight, the domain name mutualfunds.com won't break 2013's record unless it fetches more than$4.7 million. And, are high tech hiring systems keeping Americans out of work?

PODCAST: Is Dropbox really worth $8 billion?

Nov 20, 2013
We will draw a line between gas prices and holiday consumption. Dropbox, the online storage firm, is reportedly seeking a new round of funding. And, Fortune Magazine's Allan Sloan's list of the year’s worst deals and financial flops.

PODCAST: JPMorgan to settle over mortgage bonds for $13 billion

Nov 19, 2013
The Justice Department will announce a record-setting settlement with J.P. Morgan Chase over mortgages and mortgage-backed bonds. Dow 16,000. S&P 1,800. What does it all mean? And, a byproduct of refining gasoline is clouding the skies of a South Side Chicago neighborhood.

PODCAST: Brand-name drugs prescribed to Medicare patients cost taxpayers

Nov 18, 2013
At the Dubai Air Show, Boeing claims the largest product launch in the history of commercial aviation. And, a new analysis by ProPublica finds that many doctors in the U.S. prescribe brand-name drugs to Medicare patients when generics can be dramatically cheaper -- and it's costing taxpayers hundreds of millions a year.

PODCAST: China to ease one-child policy

Nov 15, 2013
Janet Yellen testified before the Senate Banking Committee yesterday. China said today it's easing its one-child policy, but economics could still stand in the way of more children. And, the new PlayStation comes out tomorrow, and the battle for the living room ramps up another notch.

PODCAST: Yellen on the hot seat

Nov 14, 2013
Janet Yellen was the advocate for more transparency by the Fed. What will she do as chair? A JPMorgan Twitter Q&A quickly turned into a public relations disaster. And, there are still people who make a living selling typewriters to law offices.

PODCAST: How to give to the Philippines in a way that matters

Nov 13, 2013
The Supreme Court hears arguments Wednesday in a case that could weaken union-organizing efforts. Sports Authority stores in Chicago are getting hit by "flash robs," gangs of shoplifters who are triggered all at once. And, people around the world want to help the Philippines. But what’s the best way to donate after disaster strikes?


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