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PODCAST: The number to watch besides unemployment

Nov 5, 2014
Election results, and the jobs number for October.

PODCAST: Death of a death-industry

Nov 4, 2014
Oil prices drop, a report on Dell, and America's funeral parlors.

PODCAST: The energy of the midterm elections

Nov 3, 2014
The markets this Monday, focusing on energy ahead of elections, and McDonalds gets regional.

PODCAST: Let's go to the movies

Oct 31, 2014
Japan's surprise stimulus, movie theaters flail, and the possibilities of midterm elections.
A joystick for the personal entertainment systems is shown on the United Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner at Los Angeles International Airport in Los Angeles, Calif.

PODCAST: Bring your own device

Oct 30, 2014
GDP growth, Tim Cook's announcement, and in-flight entertainment on your device.

PODCAST: A car-sized smartphone

Oct 29, 2014
The end of stimulus, more jobs for new grads, and cars get smarter.

PODCAST: The NBA banks major net gains

Oct 28, 2014
Paying for YouTube, paying for the NBA, and paying for knocking on doors.
Russia's embargo

PODCAST: Saving leftover food

Oct 27, 2014
Apple Pay gets shut off, Twitter's push to make money, and saving food from the landfill.
 A UPS worker delivers packages last December in Chicago. Bad weather and a higher than expected demand from online sales caused FedEx and UPS to miss many Christmas delivery deadlines last year, a problem the company is looking to address early this year

PODCAST: All I want for Christmas is a gift I ordered

Oct 24, 2014
The first patient with Ebola in NYC, the EU vows to cut emissions, and UPS hires for Christmas.
Online retailers like Amazon are upping the price to qualify for free shipping this year.

PODCAST: Amazon search

Oct 23, 2014
A good week for markets, Amazon vs Google, and asking questions about water.


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