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PODCAST: The strength of the Indian-American community

Sep 29, 2014
AIG goes to trial, Narendra Modi visits the U.S. and food gets VC funding.

PODCAST: The price of AC cools down

Sep 26, 2014
Bill Gross' big move, the FTC turns 100 and AC units cool down in price.

PODCAST: The number of uninsured Latinos drops

Sep 25, 2014
A dive in merchandise orders, more Latinos are getting insurance and 19th-century America.

PODCAST: Paula Deen goes digital

Sep 24, 2014
Early shopping season, interstate inversions, and Paul Deen's online network.

PODCAST: The climate change odd couple

Sep 23, 2014
World markets slump, a solution to inversions, and an odd couple in climate change.
iPhone 6

PODCAST: To encrypt or not to encrypt

Sep 22, 2014
Investing in infrastructure, OS encryption, and millennial spending habits.

PODCAST: The nuance of inflation

Sep 19, 2014
Alibaba starts trading, UK interest rates, and the nuance of inflation.

PODCAST: Negotiating an independent Scotland

Sep 17, 2014
NFL policy, the Yelp law, and Scotland's economic future.

PODCAST: The falling price of gas

Sep 16, 2014
The economy of climate change, cheap gas, and end of life apps.

PODCAST: Tip your hotel workers

Sep 15, 2014
A preview to the Fed's meeting, tipping hotel workers, and the return of vinyl.



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