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PODCAST: Bleak prospects in the new year for the long-term unemployed

Dec 24, 2013
Long-term unemployment has not been this high for this long since World War II. And, Netflix comes out with its first original kids' program.

PODCAST: The first health care sign up deadline approaches

Dec 23, 2013
Who are the people who waited until the last minute to sign up for health insurance? Happy 100th birthday, Federal Reserve. And, holiday retail hiring is strong this year, but the vast majority of those jobs will disappear in the New Year.

PODCAST: Inside China's Bitcoin exchange

Dec 20, 2013
Adding some gross weight to gross domestic product. As negotiators continue work on a trans-Pacific trade deal, one of the sticking points is intellectual property. And, a visit to BTC China, which until this week was the trading epicenter for the Bitcoin economy.

PODCAST: Target gets hit by massive credit card theft

Dec 19, 2013
Millions of Target shoppers may have had their information stolen from card swiping machines. The Fed is not worried about inflation right now. But should it also worry about the opposite? And, generics have a 50 percent bigger markup in comparison with brand-name drugs.

PODCAST: Banks make chatrooms verboten for traders

Dec 18, 2013
JPMorgan and Deutsche Bank are prohibiting the use of some chat rooms amid ongoing investigations of currency manipulation. Ukraine is welcoming a $15 billion early holiday gift from Russia.

PODCAST: FDA wants answers about antibacterial soap

Dec 17, 2013
The FDA is asking makers of antibacterial soap to prove their product is more effective than regular soap. Some women in Silicon Valley are trying to change gender dynamics. And, 59 new Beatles songs come out today. Why?

PODCAST: Will Bernanke taper the stimulus on his way out the door?

Dec 16, 2013
Now that some parts of the economy seem addicted to the Fed's stimulus, how does the central bank extricate it? Facebook will be added to the S&P 500. So what exactly does that mean? And, a company called Pave that lets financial backers invest in the future of promising young people.

PODCAST: The budget deal and the sequester

Dec 13, 2013
The House passed a budget agreement aimed at avoiding another government shutdown. How will it affect the sequestration? A mish-mash of tax credits about to expire. And, you just won the lotto: Should you take the lump sum, or is there more advantage in agreeing to regular payouts?

PODCAST: Should the U.S. lift its ban on oil exports?

Dec 12, 2013
Is the U.S. ready to become an oil exporter? This month federal regulators are expected to come out with new rules around Black Lung. And, as January quickly approaches, it’s time to consider resolutions for the new year. Eat healthier, drink less and “live life to the fullest” are all standbys, but personal finance goals often top these lists.

PODCAST: Peter and Jennifer Buffett on giving without being self-serving

Dec 11, 2013
Bipartisan negotiators in Congress agree to 2 year budget deal.Hilton Worldwide is prepping for its initial public offering. And, Warren Buffett's son Peter and his wife Jennifer wife talk about their ideas on philanthropy.


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