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PODCAST: Bitcoin for sale

Jun 27, 2014
A stunning GDP revision, a bitcoin auction, and strategies to address homelessness

PODCAST: GoPro's next move

Jun 26, 2014
IKEA raises wages, GoPro goes public, and the struggle for Latino representation in the media.

PODCAST: Oakland's Silicon Valley

Jun 25, 2014
Removing the ban on oil exports, plus increasing diversity in the tech industry.

PODCAST: Specialty drugs

Jun 24, 2014
Context to the latest housing numbers, climate change as an economics problem, and more on specialty drugs

PODCAST: The cost of classroom wi-fi

Jun 23, 2014
The end of the export-import bank, the current state of the GED, and getting wi-fi into classrooms

PODCAST: Why Russia is allegedly anti-fracking

Jun 20, 2014
Russia allegedly funds anti-fracking, Detroit's new pensions, and b-corporations

PODCAST: American Apparel undressed

Jun 19, 2014
Chairman Yellen goes soft on inflation, the implications of the Aereo case, and Dov Charney's antics
Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen Testifies Before Joint Economic Committee Hearing

PODCAST: Guardians of interest rates

Jun 18, 2014
What to expect from Chair Yellen's press conference, the amazon phone, and the 'maker movement'

PODCAST: The state of the Argentine economy

Jun 17, 2014
Inflation, Apple's e-book woes, and a look at the state of the Argentine economy

Ukraine, Iraq and the price of oil

Jun 16, 2014
Analysts have started to worry about high gas prices impacting economic growth in the U.S.
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