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PODCAST: First comes hacking, then comes fraud

Feb 11, 2015
NBC news' branding problem, and how hacking could lead to tax fraud.

PODCAST: What's old is new again

Feb 10, 2015
The JOLTS report, vaccinations in college, and popular wallpaper.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

PODCAST: German Chancellor Angela Merkel visits U.S.

Feb 9, 2015
The situation in Greece, German Chancellor Merkel's visit with President Obama, and a business that pays for breast milk.

PODCAST: A strong three months for jobs

Feb 6, 2015
Employment numbers, and tech startups in the Bronx

PODCAST: Ordainment is just a click away

Feb 5, 2015
Financial restrictions in Greece, FCC reclassifies the internet, and getting ordained online.
President Obama speaks about the administration's fiscal year 2016 budget request released Feb. 2, 2015.

PODCAST: Increasing military spending

Feb 4, 2015
Improved job markets, military spending, and real estate earnings.

PODCAST: When BP earnings seem like BS

Feb 3, 2015
The folly of earnings reports, paying for healthcare, and teaching generosity.

PODCAST: Cider has its moment

Feb 2, 2015
The President's budget proposal, and the Napa Valley of hard cider.

PODCAST: You've got mail

Jan 30, 2015
The latest GDP report, mass transit ridership numbers, and a new leader for the U.S.P.S.
Amazon.com packages await shipment at a mail processing annex in Indianapolis.

PODCAST: How do you solve a problem like Amazon?

Jan 29, 2015
Unemployment benefits, Shell earnings, and Amazon profits.



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