Marketplace Morning Report for Friday June 27, 2014

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Two of the nation’s largest business groups are preparing to break ranks with the Obama administration over any further penalties on Russia due its actions in Ukraine. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and National Association of Manufacturers are preparing to run newspaper advertisements tomorrow in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post, warning that potential sanctions on Russian energy, defense and financial sectors could damage U.S. businesses and cost American jobs. Also, the U.S. Marshal’s office auctions off bitcoin seized in its Silk Road investigation. We look at what it means when the U.S. government starts trading in the virtual currency. Plus, we talk to Dan Gould, cultural strategist at Sparks and Honey, a market research firm based in New York about Generation Z and what marketers need to do to cater to this new generation born 1995 to present. And after, even the Great Recession didn’t create a bump in homelessness, according to a recent report. Some advocates credit a strategy called “housing first,” which keeps the hardest-to-serve, chronic homeless off the streets and supports them with services.  

PODCAST: Bitcoin for sale

A stunning GDP revision, a bitcoin auction, and strategies to address homelessness
Hungry and Homeless, a photo by James Jordan

Giving homes to the homeless without preconditions

Research shows that offering aid without preconditions has better results.
Posted In: homeless, Great Recession

Mental health parity opens new business opportunities

New rules mean it will be easier for millions to get mental health treatment.
Posted In: mental health, health insurance

Could Russia sanctions backfire?

Two big business groups warn that sanctions against Russia could hurt US jobs.
Posted In: Russia, ukraine, sanctions

Bidding on bitcoin in a U.S. auction

The U.S. Marshal’s office auctions off bitcoin seized in Silk Road investigation.
Posted In: bitcoin, US Marshals Service, Silk Road

Silicon Tally: A hurricane shelter grows in Brooklyn

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