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Quiz: Student veterans head to college

Nov 14, 2014
Military vets make up 4 percent of undergrads.

Quiz: Learning with the YouTube tutor

Nov 13, 2014
Khan Academy’s YouTube videos are among the most popular tutorials online.
Graduates of Bowie State University put messages on their mortarboard hats during the school's graduation ceremony.

Average college student debt on the rise

Nov 13, 2014
But the people with the really big debt loads are not the ones to worry about.
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Using data to head off high school dropouts

Nov 12, 2014
'Early Warning Systems' are changing how schools identify – and help – high-risk students.
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Quiz: Know your financial aid lingo

Nov 12, 2014
Financial aid forms are roadblocks to enrollment for some potential students

Quiz: Hidden cameras in the classroom

Nov 11, 2014
Harvard researchers secretly photographed more than 2,000 students to study classroom behavior.

Quiz: Where private universities get their money

Nov 10, 2014
Tuition and fees bring in 32 percent of revenue at private 4-year schools.

Quiz: Fast track to certification

Nov 7, 2014
Short-term certification programs are on the rise

Colleges put career centers on the map

Nov 6, 2014
Schools are under pressure to improve what they're doing to prepare grads for jobs
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Quiz: Education bucks on the ballot

Nov 5, 2014
Voters weighed in on bonds and taxes in the 2014 midterm elections