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Rising tuition means higher debt burdens for students, but the job market remains weak, especially for students from lower-tier schools.

Should law schools pay if students don't get jobs?

Jul 29, 2015
Tuition and debt keep rising. Grads from non-elite schools face a weak market.
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Affordable housing for teachers in short supply

Jul 24, 2015
Some cities are building lower-cost homes for educators and hospital workers.
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Pearson nears deal to sell the Financial Times

Jul 23, 2015
Standardized testing may have something to do with the decision.
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Students' peers head lessons in the Practice Makes Perfect program.

Practice makes perfect for summer learning

Jul 22, 2015
One company is trying to eliminate summer learning loss for low-income kids.
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Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump addresses supporters during a political rally at the Phoenix Convention Center on July 11, 2015 in Phoenix, Arizona. American Enterprise Institute President Arthur Brooks says he thinks it's "destructive" for

Changing the perceptions of conservative politics

Jul 17, 2015
In his book, Arthur Brooks hopes to inject more optimism into political parties.
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Senate votes to revise No Child Left Behind

Jul 17, 2015
Negotiators must now reconcile the bill with the version passed in the House.
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Still from a Southern New Hampshire University online ad.

Can employee tuition benefits boost graduation rates?

Jul 10, 2015
Flexible degree programs should raise enrollment, analyst says.
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Congress rewrites No Child Left Behind

Jul 9, 2015
Annual testing may be here to stay, but states are expected to have more leeway.
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Chicago schools face $200 million in cuts

Jul 6, 2015
The cutbacks come just 2 years after the city closed almost 50 elementary schools.
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U.S. Army recruits young innovators

Jul 2, 2015
Armament research lab wants to help kids patent and sell their ideas.
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