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Author Gillian Flynn.

Gillian Flynn on the economics behind 'Gone Girl'

Jun 2, 2014
We're asking authors about the numbers that inspire them.
Posted In: authors, literature, Gone Girl, Big Book, Gillian Flynn, #numberslie

The Fortune 500

Jun 2, 2014
Walmart, number one this year, clocks in with sales of $476,294,000,000.
Posted In: Fortune 500

Marketplace with Kai Ryssdal: The Road Show

Apr 24, 2014
How I learned to stop worrying and love the numbers.
Posted In: road show, WAMU

What deflation is and why it's the worst dog ever

Apr 23, 2014
Because more economic terms should be explained with pets.
Posted In: deflation

A brief history of the credit score

Apr 22, 2014
The FICO credit score is one of the most significant numbers we live with. Turns out it's only 25 years old.
Posted In: FICO, credit scores

What's in a number?

Apr 22, 2014
Growth vs Value? Taking stock of Apple shares.
Posted In: apple, #numberslie

A tour of China's ghost towns

Apr 20, 2014
China’s growth has been anchored in building big projects for decades
Posted In: China, #numberslie

That creepy eye on the back of the dollar bill, explained

Mar 3, 2014
You've seen it a million times without really looking at it. What is that doing there?
Posted In: dollar bill

Our national obsession with the 'tenure' T-note, explained

Feb 21, 2014
A listener wrote to ask about our obsession with the so-called "tenture teanote". Well, you asked for it....
Posted In: Treasury bill

25 for 25: Leave the big numbers to Janet Yellen

Feb 12, 2014
The numbers we use to measure our economy might not be telling us what we think they are.
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