Now Playing: 1-31-14 Morning Report - Unrest threatens Thailand's tourism industry

Police presence is ramping up before disputed elections in Thailand on Sunday. The government wants to go to the polls anyway despite huge anti-government protests that have been going on since November, while protesters have been taking over polling stations. The unrest is rippling through Thailand's economy, especially tourism -- a big moneymaker for the country. Tax season is upon us. Today is the first day you can file, electronically, or on paper. But is anyone out there eager to fill out all that paperwork? We wanted to know who files first, and why? And, when people talk about Silicon Valley or venture capitalism a question that gets raised a lot is "are we in a bubble"? Traditionally, that means investors are paying more for a company than it's intrinsically worth. One VC says we're in a bubble, but those crazy prices are worth it.